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Sunday, September 30, 2018

TP slams Rep. Bertiz: We do not need officials who’s drunk with power

Congressman Bertiz of ACTS OFW partylist showed how entitled some politicians act as he refused to remove his shoes in a routine security check-up in NAIA earlier today.

It’s For Our Own Protection

Security measures are being enforced in our airports to ensure the safety of all the passengers, so it is just fair that nobody should be exempted from being subjected to those security check-ups. And instead of being annoyed and irked by these security protocols, we should actually be thankful that the security personnel is doing their jobs.

It’s unfortunate that some people, think they are above the law and shouldn’t be subjected to those kinds of checks. It’s doubly frustrating to see a politician who was supposed to set a good example is the one who commits such rude behavior.

Power Trip

In a Facebook post from Thinking Pinoy, he slammed the rude and “entitled” behavior of Representative Aniceto Bertiz when he refused to remove his shoes during an inspection at the NAIA, not only that he also harassed the security personnel by flipping the latter’s jacket and snatching the poor security’s ID from his shirt. You can clearly see in the video how the congressman refused to give back the ID of the security personnel despite attempts to retrieve it back.

Ungentlemanly Actions

Despite excuses from the congressman saying he was just reprimanding the security man for allowing some Chinese nationals to slip through the terminal without undergoing security checks, many still believe that is actions are unbecoming of a representative and a government official.

It can be clearly seen in the video that Congresswoman Imee Marcos was subjected to the same security protocol, and she followed the orders without any hesitations. She removed her shoes and passed through the security checks.

Thinking Pinoy believes that Rep. Bertiz’ actions are clearly a sign of power tripping and the though that he is above everyone else, even the law.

Here are some of the comments from the netizens.

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ACTS OFW Partylist Rep. Aniceto “John” Bertiz is in hot water after he figured in an early Saturday altercation at NAIA’s pre-departure screening area. Footage of the event, which went viral over the past several hours, showed Bertiz aggressively scolding and apparently assaulting a NAIA security personnel.

Bertiz was supposedly asked to remove his shoes as part of the security screening and Bertiz refused to comply. Bertiz even went as far as quickly flipping the security personnel’s jacket to find the latter’s ID card then forcibly pulling it from the latter’s shirt. The security personnel tried to retrieve his ID, but Bertiz refused to give it back [].

In an interview, Bertiz defended himself when he said he was complaining to airport security for letting "Chinese-looking nationals" get past the area without screening [].

Assuming for a minute that Bertiz' version of events is true, he still should not have conducted himself in such a manner. If Bertiz indeed discovered some impropriety, why didn’t he course his supposedly urgent complaint to a NAIA security supervisor?

It’s not as if he could force the “Chinese-looking nationals” to head back to security screening and have them go through the whole nine yards.

And racial profiling, really? Cong. Bertiz is into racial profiling too?

Is it right for a public official to cause a scene like this? If this happened in some other country like the United States, Bertiz would have been tackled right away a la NFL and he would have been charged with assault, an offense punishable by up to ten years in prison and a fine of $250,000 (Php 13.5 million) [].

No, there’s no justification for Bertiz’ behavior. What we saw in that video is a public official who’s so drunk with power that he thinks he is above everyone else.

We do not need public officials like Aniceto "John" Bertiz.

Source: The Thinking Pinoy