U.K. based DDS Supporter writes an open letter to U.N. Special Rapporteur: "Why conduct an independent, scientific investigation into the alleged EJK’s?" - The Daily Sentry

U.K. based DDS Supporter writes an open letter to U.N. Special Rapporteur: "Why conduct an independent, scientific investigation into the alleged EJK’s?"

Malcolm Conlan and Agnes Callamard. Images combined credit to Facebook and Adobo Chronicles
Malcolm Conlan, a well-known UK Based Duterte supporter has been vocal in supporting the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte for the past few years. Conlan based in the U.K. started to post an open letter to United Nations Special Rapporteur Agnes Callamard regarding her post on the result of the Right of Reply session last September 11.

Photo credit to Facebook/Agnes Callamard
According to Malcolm, why does Callamard was so exaggerated in saying millions of families are suffering in the Philippines because of EJK? Which in fact, the reason why their lives were taken is because during the operation of PNP on the war on drugs the killings is because of their resistance in cooperating with the authorities.

Callamard on her post in Facebook said she was not satisfied on President Rodrigo Duterte actions on EJK and there is certainly no evidence available to the public that all police killings have been investigated.
Duterte threatens to slap, kick 'ugly' UN rights expert Callamard for suggestion to legalize shabu. Image credit to Politiko
Conlan was very disappointed on Callamard post as the intention is to be a purveyor of fake news and was looking for opportunities in the opposition who are so-called advocates of human right in the Philippines. He ended up his letter asking Callamard, instead of criticizing President Duterte, why don't investigate on the real situation in the Philippines. The real news on killings because of drug addicts.

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Agnes Callamard 
Special Rapporteur
United Nations

Dear ma’am,

Hope you don’t mind me writing to you like this, however I was highly disappointed to read your comments on your Facebook directed towards Philippine President, Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

Firstly, your figures are grossly over exaggerated. You claim ‘families around the country are suffering a million wounds’. I would ask why use such a ridiculous, false claim, if by your own reckoning from within the EU, the figure that the EU invented of so called EJK’s was actually around 12,000!

So it figures that if all those affected were grieving, it would still not amount to a million. You are merely using these headline figures and phrases to undermine the efforts of the President in tackling the drugs epidemic currently facing the country.

Yes, there have been around 5,000 people who have sadly lost their lives due to being killed in the war on drugs, according to the PNP, however these deaths occurred whilst operations took place to capture them.

Secondly, I can’t understand how you would be able to now conduct an independent, scientific investigation into the alleged EJK’s if you continue to be so biased and blinkered?

You should refrain from making wild, outrageous claims and spreading fake news about the President, or one could argue that you might not necessarily be the right person for the job?

You never see a judge or jury discussing an alleged criminal case or making any comments openly, if they did, this would send them straight to prison!

I wonder whether the real story is that you can’t actually prove anything at all and you are just a purveyor of fake news, looking for the attention of the liberals and so called human rights advocates in the Philippines?

I would ask you to investigate this ma’am, how about the human rights of rape victims, families who have been murdered by those under the influence of Shabu, parents of those killed by drug dealers and worse?

That’s the real news that the Philippine government is trying so hard to address.

Thank you,

Your sincerely,

Malcolm Conlan
Concerned Netizen"


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Source: Facebook/Malcolm Conlan