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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

UP alumnus' observation during Trillanes arrest: VAIN, SELF-ABSORBED

Adolfo Mortera and mugshot of Sen. Antonio Trillanes / photo from Facebook and ABS CBN

Manila, Philippines - Opposition Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV was arrested yesterday by the authorities on the charges of rebellion and also posts bail on the same day, upon the issuance of his warrant order by the Makati court.

Trillanes was picked up at the Senate by a team of policemen led by National Capital Regional Police Office chief Director Guillermo Eleazar, accompanied by a court sheriff

Social media news feeds also went into chaos when the news about the opposition senator broke.

Meanwhile, Adolfo Mortera, a UP graduate and a supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte got a very interesting observation about Trillanes’ behavior from the time he was picked from the Senate.

Adolfo Mortera’s post reads:


 I observed Trillanes' behavior from the time he left the senate building, onto Makati police station, then at Makati RTC yesterday. He was so conscious about how he looked.

He regularly checked if his necktie was in place, glanced at his suit often. He made sure his outfit was in order when he sat while waiting to be called in by the judge. He wet his lips so often and when he walked, he gave the impression that everyone had to give way.

He relished the cameras, and I think he will go into extreme depression if one day, the media will forget him when he is all by himself in a detention cell.

He is an irony indeed. While he is so absorbed about himself and his appearance, making sure that his outfit is in order, he is so obsessed with coup plots and doing everything to put the President's life and honor, and the nation in disorder.

Source: Adolfo Mortera