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Veteran journalist, diplomat on Trillanes saga: Filipinos’ outrage breaks out vs Trillanes, Aquino’s attack dog

Composite photo of veteran columnist Rigoberto Tiglao and embattled Senator Antonio Trillanes (photo file only from Google)

“I think Trillanes is doomed.” Says Filipino diplomat and veteran journalist Rigoberto “Bobi” Tiglao, who once again published a very timely article on his column at the Manila Times.

Tiglao said that military mutineer Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th, and his Yellow gangmates’s plot to portray him a helpless victim and trigger anger against the Duterte administration has backfired.

“Instead, Duterte’s move to have him thrown in jail for the coup attempts he led in 2003 and 2007—for which he has not admitted guilt—has become the event that would touch off the unleashing of the simmering outrage against the arrogant coup plotter, who was the discredited President Aquino’s most unprincipled attack dog.” Tiglao wrote

He said that it was evident how social media radiates rage against Trillanes, even more intense than De Lima’s arrest, which the mainstream media failed to see.

The veteran columnist cited a certain post from CNN Philippines, wherein a video of Trillanes presenting his documents saying he has proof that he was a civilian, therefore, he can’t be tried by court martial. The said video had an unprecedented 3,800 comments.

Below are some of the comments from netizens that are critical to Trillanes, and some are even insulting:

“When you harass and embarrass president Duterte and his government, you called it democracy. But when government hits back and files charges against you, you called it political persecution….peste!!!!

— “Nanira ka ng private and public properties, endangered the public, stolen some items during your little coup, then P-Noy gave you amnesty. That administration is really crazy then.”*

— “Stop explaining in the media. Go out of the Senate building, face the police and then explain your side.”

Another CNN Philippines post was a video of Trillanes in an impromptu press conference. It had 173,000 views, and a remarkable 5,800 comments – almost all critical of and even cursing Trillanes. CNN Philippines has not had comments on such a scale, which is rare even on the US CNN’s wall.

This means that thousands of ordinary Filipino netizens took the time to express their anger at Trillanes, many even remembering his arrogance during the coup attempts he led. A few examples:

— “Gago open na nga eyes namin na naloko kami ng yellow. Ul0l ka.”

— “It’s the bitter price you have been always longing to happen. Now it looks like you are drinking your own poison a painful karma rather. Face the music and rot in jail.”

— “I can’t wait to see you in jail, Trillanes, you deserve it… this is a call for celebration.”

— “If you kick the tiger’s balls, you better have a plan on how to deal with his teeth.” — Tom Clancy.”

Even Tiglao noticed the now-viral humor for Trillanes:

"We are behind you. Laban lang Senator Trillanes. Nasa likod lang ang mga Pilipino at handang itulak ka hangggang sa kulungan.” (We are behind you Senator Trillanes, ready to push you into jail.)*

Tiglao also cited that the people’s outage against Trillanes is due to the following reasons:

“First, he has been attacking a very popular president, Duterte, in ways obviously solely intended to blacken his image, and not to check his government for corruption nor improve its governance. Trillanes’ tirades against Duterte have been unprincipled and shrill, that few Filipinos believe him. 
Even Liberal Party stalwarts Franklin Drilon and Aquino have been more circumspect in criticizing Duterte. For Filipinos, Trillanes is simply a basagulero, a troublemaker in the Senate.”

“Second, while Filipinos traditionally admire opposition figures, seeing them as crusaders against a powerful government, Trillanes has been viewed not as a crusader but entirely Aquino’s mercenary, his attack dog. Even if he was with the Nacionalista Party (funded by the tycoon and former senator Villar and therefore not bound to party discipline of the Liberal Party,) he never criticized Aquino nor even any of his officials when the Yellows were in power.”

"The third reason for the public outrage against Trillanes is the character he has demonstrated in the 11 years since he was elected senator in 2007. In the public’s eyes, he is a narcissist and a megalomaniac, so different from the reserved, and circumspect coup leader Gregorio Honasan. "

Furthermore, Tiglao also posits a theory that Noynoy Aquino may have had hid the documents connected to Trillanes amnesty to ensure his loyalty.

Ending his article, Tiglao stressed Trillanes’ biggest flaw has been that of Aquino’s other minions like de Lima and former associate justice Lourdes Sereno - too much self-confidence or extreme foolish pride.

The author also recalled the arrogance of the senator during one of the Senate investigations, “in which he would characteristically threaten someone: “Ipakukulong kita.” He even audaciously remarked that he would one day throw Duterte himself in jail for unexplained wealth.”

“He never got to put anybody in jail. It is turning out that soon, it is he who will be thrown in jail.” Tiglao added

Source: Manila Times