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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Atty Falcis’ Comment Against Aga Backfires, Labelled by Netizens As “abogago”

Atty. Jesus Falcis and Aga Muhlach
In lieu of Atty. Jesus Falcis’ plead to boycott Aga Muhlach’s movie and his “artista ka lang, wala kang alam sa pulitika” statement pointing out towards the veteran actor now backfires at him. Falcis, a loyal supporter of opposition and Trillanes is now under hot water for putting words on the mouth of netizens.

Freedom of speech 

We are all entitled to freedom of speech, as what one netizen claims. Each one of us is a tax payer and voter as well which apparently counts our opinion about politics and social issues of today. Most maybe are not law expert but at least has the capability to distinguish the difference between right and wrong. Netizens support Aga for his fearless and honest opinion.
Atty. Jesus Falcis
You should know better 

Irate netizens slam Falcis by saying that he should know better. As a lawyer, he should know about the right of everyone to voice out opinions regardless of race, career, and religion. One netizen comments about the basic rule: respect one’s opinion which isn’t solely applicable to highly educated people but to everyone. In return, others will respect you, besides, there will always be a negative reaction to everything. Commentors tagged the  critic of Duterte and his administration as “abogago.”

Netizens cry foul on such statement as it literally meant that one should be a political expert before making any conclusions and expressing opinions about politics. It seems like ordinary netizens are boxed out from letting out grievances and enjoy freedom of speech.
Photo from ABS-CBN News
Arrogant lawyer

Called for so many names, Falcis must have tapped the netizens on his raging statement against Aga Muhlach. Some even tricks Falcis to say the same to the celebrities who are loyal supporters of opposition like Agot Isidro, Kim Paredes, and Cynthia Patag,

“Pagsabihan mo rin sina Agot Isidro, Jim Paredes, Cynthia Patag artista din lng sila na walng kakuenta kuenta!!!”

Here are some of the comments of netizens: