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Friday, October 26, 2018

Daughter of Isidro Lapeña speaks about her dad's issue in BOC: I am truly heartbroken

The Father and daughter: Mary Elizabeth Lapeña and Isidro Lapeña
Mary Elizabeth Lapeña, daughter of former BOC Chief Isidro Lapeña, on her Facebook account published several posts pertaining to her dad's removal from the Beauru of Customs.

The lady Lapeña said she is truly heartbroken because of what happened to her father. She told that even before the issue surfaced, there is already a fund set-up to discredit her dad leading to his removal from BOC.

Check out his full post below:

I rarely post about my dad, news about him etc. but tonight I just want to vent it all out. So that the Filipino people whom he fondly serves may know a little more about him before they throw their judgements.

I am truly heartbroken, my dad served this country as a uniformed personnel for 34 years having little time to almost none for us and after 9 years of retirement he wholeheartedly served again. First in PDEA and then in BOC. He was battling different syndicates from drug syndicates to smuigglers, etc.

From my knowledge, even before this issue errupted there is already a fund set-up to discredit him leading to his removal from BOC. This only means that he was already affecting their trade. Come Oct 16 may dad left for the US for the 91st birthday of my Lola. Only to find out 2 days after he left, this person, Lourdes made a media blowout when he was not here to be able to defend himself against these nonsense accusations. 

They made a spectacle about this when he was gone. To the point that almost everyone was only able to hear her side of story, repeatedly, that everyone was made to believe this was the truth. Also, she never disclosed during her interviews that she was reshuffled, not getting the position she wanted, thus the rage. People believed her because she delivers her stories with rage and she indeed is a lawyer being able to use this logical fallacy "appeal to emotion" where she was able to manipulate the recipient's emotion to be able to win an argument and Filipinos are very emotional. They let their emotions overule their judgement, hence, my dad in their view is the "bad cop".

My only prayer, even from the beginning was, that God lead him towards what's best for him and where he can be safe. Maybe, this is the answer to my prayers. Maybe, this is for the best. That God is only protecting him from what may harm his health and his life.

In another Facebook post, she wrote:

I can vividly remember sometime in Aug 2017, my dad, who came straight from the airport picked me up at home to have dinner. On the way to the restaurant near our home PRRD announced that he was to be customs chief.

Upon his assumption, he gave a chance to those within the bureau to prove themselves. What he did is he reshuffled the personnel with a premise that the monthly quota needs to be met if not they will again be reshuffled.

He removed the green lane, meaning every container van goes through X-ray. He even lobbied for additional funds to purchase more X-rays to expedite the screening process.

These among many changes were done by my dad during his time which resulted to...

Isidro Lapeña's daughter speaks about her dad's issue in BOC

Mary Elizabeth Lapeña in another Facebook post, published some of the accomplishments of her father.

"Sorry for flooding your news feed. Tonight will be the last night I will talk about this. Truth be told, no child wants to percieve their parents persecuted in the eyes of the public..."

Isidro Lapeña's daughter speaks about her dad's issue in BOC