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Falcis to Trillanes’ haters: Iyak pa rin kayo, he is still free

Atty Jesus Falcis and Sen. Antonia Trillanes IV
The fire is still burning for Atty Jesus Falcis in lieu of Aga Muhlach and Bea Alonzo’s guesting on Gandang Gabi Vice two Sundays ago. First love’s lead actor sends a statement directly to Trillanes, saying “tumulong ka nalang,” through a certain playful segment in Vice’s show.

Falcis calls out netizens to boycott netizens to watch the ongoing movie of Aga-Bea. And much worse, sends a fierce message with,

“Wala kang alam sa pulitika,” which stirs mixed reactions against Trillanes’s great defender.


Ogie Diaz has expressed his opinion on the issue through a Facebook post which Lea Salonga seconded. The prodigal singer talks about democracy and that everyone has the right to express one’s opinion. She then adds,
Ogie Diaz, photo from Philippine News
“As citizens of this republic, we have the right to criticize our leaders. A right, and a duty.”

Salonga reiterates lack of communication between people having different political views. According to Diaz, he respects Muhlach’s opinion but does not deserve foul words from Falcis thus calling out the latter.

Falcis’ open letter 

Falcis didn’t let Diaz’ post pass and made an open letter through his Facebook page, Jesus Falcis blog. He calls Lea and Ogie as classic DDS and accuses the two of not reading his posts. The opposition’s loyal supporter claims that his action to call out Aga is a democracy in action.
Lea Salonga, photo from Huffington Post
In addition to that, Falcis says,

“Criticizing public figures like you and Aga is the essence of democracy,” pertaining directly to Salonga.

Atty. Falcis even slams the Inquirer.net for mistakingly include in its post that Falcis deleted his post against Aga Muhlach accusing the actor as a former dilawan.

In a rage, Falcis teases haters of Trillanes by saying,

“At the end of the day, iyak pa din kayo lahat ng mga haters ni Trillanes! He is still free.” 

He uplifts Trillanes all the more, claiming that the senator will continue to help the country.

Read full post below:

Dear Ogie Diaz, Lea Salonga, and Inquirer,

Binasa nyo ba yung mga posts ko at all? Binasa nyo ba ng buo? Or classic DDS kayo na binasa nyo lang yung headline na clickbait ng isang DDS website?

Pareho ko kayong tinitingala sa inyong mga larangan sa showbiz pero trust me pag dating sa human rights, kung mali opinyon nyo tulad ng kay Aga eh wala akong idol idol.

Una Mr. ogie diaz, hindi ko tinawag na bobo specifically si Aga Muhlach sa blog ko. Ang sinulat ko duon, wala siyang alam sa pulitika in relation with his statement against Trillanes. Binasa nyo po ba bakit ko sinabing mali yung statement nya na tulungan na lang si Duterte?

Second, you who sing so beautifully and is my idol in broadway musicals Ms. Lea Salonga, me calling out Aga Muhlach who is a public figure and the backlash he has received IS DEMOCRACY IN ACTION.

Nobody and certainly I never said he shouldn’t speak up or express himself. But it seems you don’t understand free speech and democratic discourse. Criticizing public figures like you and Aga is the essence of democracy!

Third, INQUIRER.net, baka gusto nyo i-fact check ang balita nyo or at the very least eh get my side. ANONG DINELETE KO POST KO? Eto i-access nyo oh yung dilawang balimbing nuon na si Aga Muhlach: https://www.facebook.com/209722102813939/posts/553911861728293/

Baka kasi pakawala yung writer nyo ng dilawan shit or DDS shit na may vendetta sakin. Hindi porket galing sya sa established political dynasty ay uurungan ko siya at sino mang mga alipores nya.

Many journalists have been able to get my contact details. It’s not that hard. Akala ko ba balanced views? Kaya minsan ang hirap nyo ipagtanggol mula sa mga DDS eh.

AT THE END OF THE DAY, iyak pa din kayo lahat ng mga haters ni Trillanes! He is still free.

Iiyak kayo sa mga tirada nya laban kay Duterte! He will keep helping the country by attacking Duterte, the King of EJKs and shabu and trolls.



Source: Jesus Falcis Blog | entertainment.inquirer.net