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Monday, October 29, 2018

Fearless Filipina slams Robredo over gov’t debt comment: ‘She is truly an idiotess’

Maureen Villar and Vice President Leni Robredo
Yesterday in Albay, Vice President Leni Robredo had an interview and opened up about transparency from the Duterte administration. In the recent report, the country’s debt ballooned up to 7.16 trillion.

Leni demands Duterte admin to be transparent 

Leni demands transparency and more like updates where the additional debt goes to which many believed are spent to Build, Build, Build government projects. Duterte, as always too busy to hear out Leni’s sentiments, a certain Maureen Rose Mejia-Villar does the math for the VP.

Facebook netizen Maureen Villar surprisingly reacted on Leni’s demands to the government she technically belongs to. The netizen gave an enlightenment and her own research all in one plate for Robredo.
Maureen Villar, photo from her Facebook
Breakdown of inherited debts

When Duterte took the Presidential seat, the current stand of the country’s debt is 6.4 trillion, apparently inherited from Aquino. From the standing 6.4 in 2016, Pnoy inherited more than 2 trillion from Arroyo’s and add another 4 trillion during his term of office, in which is more suspicious as there are no major infrastructure projects during Aquino’s term as started.

Load addict 

Added to fruitful information from Villar, Noynoy Aquino was then a loan addict, according to a Rappler article way back 2014.

Doing the math for Robredo 

Doing the best way math equation possible, Villar explained 7.1 trillion current debt standing subtracted to 6.4 inherited debt from Aquino equates to 700 billion peso additional during the Duterte government. Given the fact that the whole country has ongoing 44,000 major infrasturcture projects according to Department of Public Works and Highways. Alongside infrastructure projects, never forget the rehabilitation of Boracay Island to attract more tourists and foreigners to visit the place.

Duterte’s principle on money

Maureen reiterates how Duterte lives upon his principle of not getting the country with additional loans from the World Bank when not really needed. And better get from the firsthand resources that is present and available.

Read full post below:

She demanded? Someone who's much FAR WORSE in mathematics than myself is demanding government (which, ironically, she's still technically a part of - being the current VP) to explain the 7.1 Trillion national debt to the public.

Soooo, we'll give her the breakdown and hope that she understands (at least) what these numbers are;

Duterte inherited 6.4T national debt from Noynoy back in 2016.

Out of that already standing 6.4T national debt, about 2T is what Noynoy inherited from Gloria back in 2010 and the remaining 4-plus T was what Noynoy incurred as loans in the 6 loooong years he was President (because Noynoy was a 'loan addict', THAT according to a Rappler article written back in 2014. Yes, you heard me right. RAPPLER)...4TRILLION of loans by the previous Aquino Administration...with NOTHING in form of major infra projects to show for it. (At least, PGMA had Agas-Agas Bridge built in the mountains of Southern Leyte during her tenure as President.)

So, now our national debt stands around 7.1Trillion. Subtract 6.4Trillion from THAT number and you'll get just about 700-something Billion peso difference.

So, in the 2 years and a half of THIS current Duterte Admin, about 700 Billion has been added to our national debt...with major infrastructure projects (about 44k ongoing according to DPWH) happening all over the country simultaneously right now...including the much-needed rehabilitation of Boracay Island, which officially opened to the public again last Friday after 6 months of forced closure to tourists, locals and foreigners alike.

Again, The Duterte Admin has just added about 700-maybe nearly 800 Billion pesos to our national debt in the 2 1/2 years.

The increase could be attributed to the peso-dollar exchange rate, the interest rate, and the Build, Build, Build; etc.

If you ask me, Duterte is being a conservative regarding money matters. I heard the Old Man doesn't really like taking loans if it's not needed. Because He'd rather make do with what's already there; what our treasury already had; what funds are already available.

TIHIK si Tatay. Dili pala-utang Ang Tigulang! Mao nay tinuod! (The Old Man is stingy. He doesn't like making loans. That's the truth!)

And, borrowing from the immortal description of Teddy Boy Locsin Jr. of Leni Robredo,she is truly an IDIOTESS!

LUSAW Ang utak ni Lugaw. As usual. We wouldn't expect otherwise.

Source: Maureen Rose Mejia-Villar