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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Int’l political commentator believes Trillanes will still be jailed: Your jail cell is waiting for you

Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV, photo from UNTV News and Rescue
The status quo of Philippine politics isn’t just known to Filipinos but to international media as well. A Canadian political commentator shed some light on the issue and a little background of Judge Andres Bartolome Soriano of Makati Regional Trial Court Branch 148.

Canadian political scientist 

Amir Assadollahi isn’t an expert on Philippine government but is able to see clear perspectives on how politics works. On his post, he says,

“Your jail cell is waiting for you.” pertaining to Trillanes.
Amir Assadollahi, photo from LinkedIn
He even enunciates that the senator is being blinded of his ego. Though he didn’t intend to make conclusions on the next thing that will happen on the senator’s case, he reiterates that the decision of Branch 148 stirs more questions than answers.

The “Padrino”

Assadollahi gives another perspective and idea about Judge Soriano who junked the motion of Department of Justice to release arrest warrant and hold departure order for Senator Trillanes for the latter’s rebellion case. With a tradition called “Padrino” that still runs in the government, how sure are Filipinos that a fair game in the politics and much more in the Judiciary system is achieved?

Who is Judge Soriano?

Judge Soriano is appointed by former president Aquino III on March 27, 2012. On 2010, he was one of the candidates for Supreme Court administrator which Midas Marquez won the slot. In 2002, the 62-year old judge faced an administrative complaint from a defense counsel for exhibiting bias on hearings. Whereas, the Supreme Court Third Division decided to clear Soriano. This raises another set of questions of who is the presiding judge at the time, what is the case all about, and how the court decided on the case. Moreover, the defense lawyer who complained against Soriano was warned of using abusive, offensive, and improper use of language.

Handled cases 

The Canadian political commentator shared Judge Soriano’s high profile case of convicting an IT firm’s president, Cytronic International Inc. for not fairly remitting its employee’s SSS contributions. Other than that, nothing follows.

Amir sets out something for journalists to find out in the questions if there are cases that Soriano have passed, dismissed, or blocked that are questionable. This raises more questions about judge’s past decisions on cases he handled.

On the other hand, the judge is bound to retire on November 30, 2026.

Read full post below:

Ummmm! Makati City Regional Trial Court (RTC) Branch 148 Judge Andres Bartolome Soriano! (Top left photo)

I See More Questions Than Answers - I think Trillanes is premature to smile. In a game of chess, not all moves can be predicted as direct move. I am not a legal expert in the Philippines, but a pretty good profiler that can predict multiple scenarios. This is not over Mr. Trillanes, your jail cell is waiting for you, and you are falling into a whole, but you are too blinded by your ego that you cannot see it. When I look at Judge Soriano, I keep coming up with more questions that I cannot answer, and see it as if there is a greater game is at play, and yet I do not want to prematurely judge things on that regard, but somehow where you are going no matter which move is being played is very clear, and you are not seeing it shows how shortsighted you are that has been proven more than once in your political and military career.

A simple Q&A may not shed lights of things, but certainly widens the eyes to see things from a different angle and new perspective!

A Simple Q & A

Q: Was he an appointed judge by Aquino III?

A: “Soriano was appointed to the Makati RTC Branch on March 27, 2012 by then president Benigno Aquino III.”

Q: Does/Did he have any political ambitions?

A: “In 2010, Soriano was among the contenders for the position of Supreme Court (SC) administrator, according to a Newsbreak report. The position, however, eventually went to Midas Marquez.”

Q: What was his role in the past?

A: “The 62-year-old Soriano was previously the presiding judge of Malolos RTC Branch 13 in Bulacan. “

Q: Which cases did he dismissed, blocked or passed that could be said are/were questionable?

A: “That is a dig for journalists!” I wonder what will come out when you dig those graves up - don’t you, or is this just a bit of game to set precedence for other things to come?! I see more questions coming up!

Q: Was there any cases against him?

A: “In 2002, a defense counsel filed an administrative complaint against Soriano for allegedly exhibiting bias during hearing. The Supreme Court (SC) Third Division cleared Soriano, and warned the complaining lawyer against “using language which is abusive, offensive or otherwise improper.” - Who were the judges of the SC that cleared Soriano and what was the case and are there any other cases like that?! (More questions!)

Q: Are there any high profile case that he handled?

A: In 2016, Soriano convicted the president of IT firm Cytronics International Inc (CII) for failing to remit the Social Security System (SSS) contributions of its employees. (… )

Q: How many more years does he have as a judge?

A: “Soriano is set to retire on November 30, 2026.”

Q: Could his judgment somehow have anything to do with his retirement plans as a judge on this high profile case? 

A: we have to wait so many years before knowing the answer to that, and by then perhaps it is too late to regret I guess!

The only thing is to wait and see, and watch how the wheel is turning!

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Amir Assadollahi

A Canadian Political Scientist/Commentator

Source: Amir Assadollahi