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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Int'l trade expert writes an open letter to Aga Muhlach: '21-M people will be here to support you'

Int'l trade expert writes an open letter to Aga Mulach: '21-M people will be here to support you'
Actor Aga Mulach, screenshot from GGV episode
MJ Quiambao, an expert in international trade, who is known to talk back and call out opposition politicians whenever they have anything to say about the current administration of President Rodrigo Duterte uses her prowess to reach Aga Muhlach.

No Apologies

In the recent issue where a cut clip from an ABS-CBN show Gandang Gabi Vice was leaked and then became viral on Facebook, Dilawan parties all gave their shoutouts to Aga Muhlach and calling out the people to boycott his film because of his honest statement.

MJ Quiambao Reyes
MJ posted a status telling Aga that he has nothing to apologise for. After all, he just exercised his freedom of speech and he just spoke his truth.

No Worries

She also added that Aga has nothing to worry about. She doubts that these “disente” people who are calling out for a boycott even supports Filipino movies at all.

MJ then said that Aga can go ahead and say goodbye to 2 to 21 arrogant hypocrites that will boycott his movie, but say hello to 21M+ new fans that will support him for being bold.

ABS CBN Talent with a fang

In the end, MJ calls out to the Duterte supporters to join her as she supports the movie of Aga and Bea. According to her, it’s not everyday that an ABS-CBN talent has guts to stand up to their company and oppose what the company has been campaigning.

It’s also not everyday that a celebrity recognizes the effort of a duly elected leader and shouts it to the world.

Netizens agree

In the comments section, MJ posted a photo of her in front of a movie poster of Aga calling out to other Duterte supporters to follow suit.

Other netizens agree that Aga should not say sorry for what he said. After all, did Agot say sorry for calling the president a psychopath?

Read full post below of MJ Reyes:

Dear Aga Muhlach,

You do not owe these people an apology for exercising free speech and speaking your truth.

Don't worry, wala ni 21 katao ang bo-boycott sa pelikula mo. I doubt kung ito'ng mga 'disenteng' ito ay sumusuporta nga ba sa Pelikulang Pilipino to begin with. Those of us who do, those of us who were impressed by your bold stance will be here to support you.

So yeah, say adieu to those 2-21 arrogant, hypocrite 'fans' and say hello to your 21M+ new allies! 😉


Tara mga kapatid, suportahan natin si Aga at gawin nating blockbuster ang kanyang pelikula. It's not everyday that an ABS-CBN talent takes a stand and recognizes the efforts of our duly elected leader. 😉

Photo by MJ Quiambao Reyes

Source: MJ Quiambao Reyes