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Sunday, October 21, 2018

It’s Showtime Hosts Crack Jokes Pertaining To Trillanes and De Lima

Thinking Pinoy RJ Nieto shared a rather sarcastic post about a segment from ABS-CBN’s It’s Showtime.

Hello Trillanes

This is after the Dilawan’s act to “boycott” Aga Muhlach’s movie when he questioned Senator Antonio Trillanes while guesting on another show of Vice Ganda, Gandang Gabi Vice.

The clip was not aired but it was leaked to Facebook and it became viral.

The opinion of Mr. Muhlach infuriated the dilawans and they made use of their machineries to malign the character of the veteran actor, who is just expressing his honest opinion. What’s really ironic is that the opposition were very vocal in criticising the President but when they are the ones on the receiving end of the criticisms, they could not accept it.

Hilarious Joke
RJ Nieto, photo from YouTube
TP’s Nieto shared a scene in the popular noontime show It’s Showtime where the hosts were teasing each other’s attires. In the segment, co-host Jugs Jugueta is wearing a gown and a wig. He unintentionally looked like senator Leila De Lima, so Vice Ganda blurted out his punchline to the delight of the audience.

Vice Ganda: Taray ni Candidate No. 1 o, bloated si Leila de Lima.

Candidate: Oy, wala akong sinasabing pangalan! Hay nako!

Vice Ganda: Mukhang nahiyang si Leila de Lima sa loob! May message ka ba kay Trillanes? 

Ano ba ang gusto mong sabihin sa kanya?

Candidate: Oi, inaantay ka namin dito! 

Reactions From Netizens

The netizens think that the Trillanes joke was really funny, because even the audience roared in laughter. One netizen asked if the dilawans will also boycott the popular noontime show. As we all know by now, ABS-CBN is a known detractor of the current administration, yet Vice Ganda is one of their top artists, and admonishing him would be bad for their business.

Netizens are expecting the dilawans to react furiously on this matter anew. The supporters of Trillanes must be seething in anger and planning their move. Thinking Pinoy joked that an open letter must be in progress already.
Watch the video below:

Here's the actual post of Thinking Pinoy:

Source: The Thinking Pinoy FB page