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Monday, October 29, 2018

Sonza slams Karen Davila, others: Dati kung makabatikos, ngayon sila unang nagtampisaw sa Boracay

Jay Sonza and Karen Davila
Former newscaster and talk show host Jay Sonza once again slammed his former employer ABS-CBN and others who vocally opposed the closure of Boracay yet were the first ones to enjoy the newly improved beaches of the island.

Boracay Closure

In a post he shared in his Facebook page, Jay Sonza pointed out the fact that when President Duterte ordered the closure of Boracay Island due to it’s dirty waters, and the island becoming a cespool, he was bombarded with criticisms. One of the most vocal critics were the ABS-CBN newscasters and journalists. They claimed that the closure will displace thousands of workers.
Jay Sonza, photo from hisw FB
Even the church joined the fray against the closure of the island. While they admit that the island needs to be cleaned up, they think closing it is too much of a reaction. They compared it to using a sledgehammer in killing a fly.

Duterte’s Resolve

Despite the opposition from a lot of groups, Duterte gallantly stood by his word that he will close Boracay for 6 months to have it rehabilitated. He took care of the problem of job displacement by giving the island’s workers monthly allowances, and opportunities to work in other parts of the region.

On April of this year, he ordered Boracay to be closed so that the government can fix the sewage system as well as remove the illegal structures built on it’s forest and wetlands. He also ordered the roads to be improved.


Last October 26, the much-improved and immaculately clean Boracay re-opened it’s doors to the public. Interestingly, one of the first people who enjoyed the clean waters of the islands are those who opposed it’s closing way back in April. Notable celebrities who were seen there are ABS-CBN’s Karen Davila and Pinky Webb among others. The very people who openly criticized the closing of Boracay. Ironic, isn’t it?

The Joke

Jay Sonza summed it all up with his nasty but nevertheless truthful remark. He said that Boracay strongly prohibits “ plastics” in the island. Burned.

Read full post below:

noong ipasara ni digong ang boracay, kung makabatikos ang abs-cbn, iba pang mainstream media at anti-du30 ganoon na lang.

ngayong maayos na uli ang pamosong dalampasigan, 

una-unang nagtampisaw at nagpapasasa sa boracay si karen Davila, Pinky webb, at mga kauri.

Reminder lang po: mahigpit pong ipinagbabawal ang pagkakalat ng mga "plastik" sa Boracay!

Source: Jay Sonza