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Monday, October 29, 2018

Militarization Rumors Spread By The Opposition Debunked By Respected Journalist

Photo from Philippine Star
Respected journalist Ermin Garcia Jr. debunks the rumors that the opposition is spreading about the president equipping the country for Martial Law because he has been appointing retired generals.


Regarding the retired generals that the president are appointing to key positions, Garcia cleared it that they are just that - retired generals without any  chain of command anymore. It’s not likely that the current soldiers will follow illegal instructions from retired generals anyway.

Besides, Garcia also added that the current generals wouldn’t let these retired generals move their soldiers around when they have their own careers to take care of.
Ermin Garcia Jr., photo from his FB
Wasted individuals

The retired generals are well-schooled on the military and the government aspects of the Philippines. They have been stripped off of their jobs because of the law that forces them to retire at the age of 56, even when they are at the peak of their career.

What happens to them? They become wasted individuals that is being funded by the government.

Worse appointees

In fact, over the years, during the past administration, a trend was developed wherein the president appoints someone close to him or her to a key position in the government. Regardless if this person is truly equipped to lead the department he is being appointed to, or just because the current president wants to secure a spot on the department he is aiming.

So Garcia raised the question, who would you rather fill the departments of the Philippines with civilians who have no credibility but are closed to the president? Or would you rather make use of the experience and knowledge that retired generals have.

No Political baggage

Garcia believes that the reason why President Duterte is appointing retired generals is because he has learned in his 23 years of experience as mayor, that military and police officers are those whom you can rely on to follow orders without hesitations.

They follow a chain of command without worrying about political baggages.

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IS THERE A “MILIITARIZATION “ OF GOVERNMENT? Not a chance. People in the opposition make it sound as if appointing retired generals is akin to declaring a martial law. That’s a lot of hogwash, just another ploy to help destabilize the government.

First of all, the retired generals are precisely that - retired, no longer in the chain of command. They no longer have any authority whatsoever to order a battalion, a company or a platoon or a squad to organize an attack or retreat.

What the retired generals really are is a wasted a pool of well-schooled individuals, funded by government over the decades, now steeped in management, administration, planning and tactical implementation, they who were forced to retire by law at 56, at the peak of their careers!

All things considered equal, they are even more qualified than most political civilian appointees who’ve had no extensive exposure to management and yet are asked to run a department. Check out past governments that appointed mostly unqualified political allies to key posts. Most could not see beyond their newfound power and left it to their career subordinates to run the show until it was photo-op time or when a crisis sneaked in.

So let’s not be dismissive of appointing retired generals the President trusts.

Perhaps, the influence of retired generals can still stop coups…but it is not a guarantee. Know that generals in active service still have their own careers to protect and would not easily follow an illegal order, especially not from a retired officer or general.

But is Mr. Duterte even afraid of a coup? I doubt that very much. He has a fatalistic streak in his veins. Besides he knows too well that any coup today or tomorrow will be not be successful because he enjoys wide pubic support and any coup attempt will be rejected and will be countered with violence. Note incessant calls of ex-military officers Trillanes and Alejano to oust him since day 1 are being ignored to the chagrin of their supporters and financiers. Why? They know why.

So why is Mr. Duterte getting into the habit of appointing retired, qualified and honest professional military officers? I believe it was his experience as mayor for 23 years that taught him that military and police officers can be relied upon to execute legal orders quickly with no hesitancy to obey since they have no political baggage to be concerned about- just the chain of command. And again, he is right. As the President and head of the chain of command in civilian government, the retired military appointees understand what their discipline and appointments require of them.

To invoke, therefore, the dark days of Marcos martial law as a reason to be concerned, is stretched. Martial law was a wholesale turnover of power to the military - from private to sergeant to captain to colonel to general. It’s not the case today. Mr. reactivating to public service only the few whom he trusts and knows can accomplish a difficult assignment. Note that he is not calling upon a mere retired corporal or sergeant called to direct government operations.

And as of last night, October 28, 2019, he said martial law is not the answer to right the wrong in our country. He maintains there are political tools available to do the job. Spot on!

Source: Ermin Garcia Jr