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Sunday, October 28, 2018

‘New MRT trains should be exclusive for LP supporters only’ says online radio DJ

DJ Kulot and the New MRT train
Metro Rail Transit officially launched its new trains purchased during Aquino administration.

Way back, EDSA’s traffic condition is worse and the train is the only reliable mode of communication for many. Given the fact, the MRT is said to carry thousands of commuters everyday. Unfortunately, the old trains aren’t much reliable by the time due to consistent breakdowns thus cutting the scheduled rides even during rush hour. Added to that, the railways aren’t good enough which is often times the source of problem.

Controversial Aquino admin trains 

And now that the controversial trains are working under Duterte admin, a Facebook netizen posted a pic of the new trains spotted gathering commuters, DJ Kulot captioned the photos with
DJ Kulot, photo from his FB
“Ang train na ito ay exclusive lang para sa mga LP supporters.” Hoping that his wish would come true as Aquino apparently owns the project.

The guy claims that DDS supporters riding the train is tantamount to betrayal to President Rodrigo Duterte.

Word war 

DDS supporters didn’t like the claims of DJ Kulot, causing him to be bombarded with comments and giving enlightenment of what was the story behind those trains. Netizens shared that the MRT project was a Marcos project and not of Aquino. Netizens defend the president and its effort to clean up the mess of the past administration regarding the failed MRT project where imported trains were not compatible with the tracks.

Failed MRT Project 

The attempt of Aquino admin to add train wagons to accommodate more commuters failed in a sense that the issue overlapped on Duterte admin. The Aquino government purchased Dalian trains from China which are not compatible with the tracks and were garaged for two years. In Duterte’s regime, the government pushed through changing the rail tracks to fit the imported trains. This matter is one of the most controversial corruption issues that arise during Aquino.

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Ang TRAIN na ito ay EXCLUSIVE lang sa mga LP SUPPORTERS.... (sana.. kasi kay PNOY talaga ito)

Kung talagang DUTAE supporter ka.. hindi ka sasakay dito 😎🧐🤪😂 Kapag ikaw na SOLID DUTAE supporter sumakay ka dito... para mo nang ipinagkanulo ang POON nyong NAZERAAN 🤪 ... just saying...

Source: DJ Kulot