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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Risa Hontiveros Draws Flak For Recent Tweet: ”Mura ang shabu, mahal ang bigas”

Sen. Risa Hontiveros, photo from Inquirer News - INQUIRER.net
It’s been months since inflation became a social problem to most where disagreeing citizens point the dilemma directly to Train Law.  The surging of rice and oil price have made a downhill effect on other basic consumer needs.


But what makes the outcry from the ordinary people, if there is any, is the price surge of rice which recently hit its peak to more than 60 pesos per kilo. The government is in continuous operation to capture rice profiteers and private business hoarders who take advantage of the consumers. And is now offered at a more affordable price.

Mura ang shabu, mahal ang bigas 

Risa Hontiveros’ recent tweet draws flak on the direct accusation of corruption and mismanagement of the President regarding inflation. She posted,
Sen. Risa Hontiveros, photo from GMA Network
“Nagmumura ang shabu pero nagmamahal ang bigas.” A post comes with a photo with price comparison, surprisingly shows that shabu costs 1,600 pesos per gram.

Netizen slams Senator Hontiveros

A brave netizen, MJ Reyes slams Risa’s tweet confirming that cost per kilo of rice during Arroyo’s time is 30 per kilogram but made a drastic change to 45-50 per kilo during Aquino’s administration. And now in Duterte’s admin, it shoots down to an estimate of 37-44 pesos.

Reyes then adds,

“bagsak ang presyo ng shabu kasi mababa na ang demand.” 

A million or so drug users are now being rehabilitated in lieu of “Oplan Tokhang” drug campaign of Duterte administration. And in the present government, most drug players are imprisoned. With the given statistics, Reyes asks Hontiveros,
MJ Quiambao Reyes, photo from her FB page
“Diba Dapat matuwa ka?” pertaining to the good news listed.

Irate netizens slam Senator Risa for accusations pointing to Duterte, when in fact, as a part of a government body shall be helping the institution and its people. One even sarcastically questions how Hontiveros came up with the SRP of shabu. Aside from throwing questions on Risa’s accomplishments for the Filipinos, netizens bring up the PhilHealth funds that are allegedly corrupted by the senator.

Read full post below:


Ayos lang naman po ang maging opinionated at vocal, pero sana naman our opinions are anchored on reliable information and well thought-out analyses.

Like I always remind my FB friends & readers: Get better informed, more than opinionated-- aba'y lalo na po kung ikaw ay isang senadora. 😉

Huwag matulog sa pansitan. Bumababa na po presyo ng bigas. Kung may alam kayong nago-overprice, aba'y paki-report agad sa DTI at DA para maaksyunan nang sa gayun ay makatulong pa kayo sa taumbayan at sa gobyernong inyong kinabibilangan.

Bumaba na nga malamang ang presyo ng shabu. Di ba nga 1M+ users na ang sumuko at marami na ring users-pushers ang natiklo at nakulong o di kaya'y nanlaban at natumba?

Bumaba na rin ang crime rate by +/- 30%, 2016 vs 2017, then 17% lower ulit, 2017 vs 2018 1st qtr! Winner!

Hindi perpekto ang ating gobyerno pero di maipagkakailang marami naman na ang magagandang pagbabago.

Ayos lang po ang magpaka-kritiko o kahit na nga kontrapelo--pero sana dun lang tayo sa totoo. Mas maganda sana kung makipag- tulungan kayo.


Source: MJ Quiambao Reyes FB page