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Sunday, October 21, 2018

The case of Atty Jesus Falcis’ brother who allegedly stole millions from Kris Aquino —reports

Atty. Jesus Falcis, Nicko Falcis and Kris Aqiuno
People are wondering how Atty. Jesus Falcis has the audacity to lambast actor Aga Muhlach yet he is so silent on the case of his brother Nicko Falcis, who was the one who allegedly defrauded actress Kris Aquino of her millions worth of her savings.

Nicko Falcis

Nicko Falcis and Kris Aquino
Actress Kris Aquino is now in the middle of a legal skirmish. She posted on instagram addressed to her followers that she was betrayed by someone she trusted, which caused her to lose weight due to the stress it brought upon her.

While she did not specifically name the person due to legal constraints, sources that are close to the actress pointed to her financial consultant and manager, Nicko Falcis.

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A report from Gulf Times
He was the one who manages KCAP, one of Kris Aquino’s business venture. He allegedly stole more or less 50 million from KCAP and from the other businesses that the actress entrusted to him.
Nicko Falcis, photo from his Facebook
Jesus Falcis
Incidentally, the controversial lawyer Jesus Falcis, is Nicko Falcis’ brother. The very same lawyer who lambasted Aga Muhlach who just spoke his mind when asked about senator Trillanes. He told Muhlach to stop meddling with politics since he is just an actor.
Atty. Jesus Falcis
Unfortunately, the poor Jesus Falcis just opened a can of worms. He was mobbed by the netizens for his audacity to criticize Mr. Muhlach for all the wrong reasons.

He championed the freedom of expression when he openly criticize the Duterte administration yet he lambasted Muhlach for doing the same.

He defended Trillanes by saying that the senator is just protecting the country from corrupt officials yet he did not acknowledge the corruption charges hurled against Trillanes.

He was so outspoken on all things against Duterte but he is very silent on the issue of his brother Nicko, who allegedly betrayed Kris Aquino and stole 50 million from the actress.

Here are some of the netizens comments:

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