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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Thinking Pinoy To Newly-Resigned Uson: Laban Mocha! Paiyakin Mo Sila!

Mocha Uson shocked her followers when she announced her resignation as Assistant Secretary of Presidential Communications Operations Office yesterday. Her papers reached President Rodrigo Duterte already. Some netizens have sympathized on Uson. On the other hand, some political individuals from the opposition expressed relief on Mocha’s move. Little did they know that such move from Uson is making her free from obliging to mandates as a government official.

It can be recalled that some politicians called out ASEC Mocha Uson to step down from office after series of controversies dragging the name of PCOO as a government agency.

Thinking Pinoy’s Observations 

The famous Thinking Pinoy has asserted his personal observations on the matter.

The keen eyes of the opposition will no longer be able to criticize and complain about Mocha’s effort in government. The so-called award-hungry junior media reporters have no longer their punching bag just to demonize the present admin. They got to find a new one, TP believes so. Another thing that TP assures Mocha’s critics is that they should not easily back down and celebrate yet as former PCOO Asec will not end her tirades against them.

Mocha Won’t Back Down 

TP noticed that Mocha on getting a government position did not really help the latter’s presence but the other way around. And now that Mocha is back on being a private citizen, she is freer to post tirades against the government officials and individuals who consistently tries to turn down the government.

Fiercer Queen of Social Media 

Considered as the Queen of Social Media, TP claims that Mocha will be fiercer and braver as she continues her fight towards eliminating the “Trapo” in the government. Besides, his friend Mocha is no longer obliged to comply with RA 6713 and Civil Service Code.

Spicier than ever, TP shouts out to his blogger friend,

“Laban Mocha, paiyakin mo sila!”

Here are some comments from the Netizens:
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A news outlet published a list of all formal complaints filed at the PCOO against former Asec. MOCHA USON BLOG during her incumbency. Now that she's resigned, here are a few interesting observations:

[1] From this point forward, who will these complainants complain to if Mocha does something again? Wala na.

They will just have to take a fetal position in the corner of their bedroom and weep till kingdom come.

[2] Who will be the new PCOO lightning rod now that Mocha isn't part of the government anymore?

Ambitious junior reporters are hungry for awards and recognition and they have to hit the government to do that, so who will be their new punching bag?

[3] Did Mocha's critics, especially those whom she heavily criticized while she was in office, expect Mocha's tirades to stop when she gets fired or resigns?

Truth be told, Mocha's appointment didn't help in strengthening her presence: it actually did the opposite, something that I noticed since Day One.

Now that Mocha is a private citizen again, she can go back to posting unapologetic in-your-face polemics directed at government officials and other political personalities.

As a private citizen, she is now virtually under no obligation to comply with RA 6713 and the Civil Service Code, so expect spicier and fiercer commentary from the Queen of Social Media.

There's one thing Mocha has that very few of her critics have: a heart for the masses that resonates with the masses.

You know how I see Mocha's resignation? No, it's not the end of her career. Instead, it's the resurrection of the Mocha Uson that we knew all along, the Mocha Uson that has been hibernating for the past year.

Laban Mocha. Paiyakin mo sila!  😈


[P.S. Bloated ako diyan sa picture, alam ko. 😂😂😂]

Source: The Thinking Pinoy FB page