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Monday, November 5, 2018

A well known Duterte supporter-lawyer intelligent explanation on Sister Fox deportation: "Would the LP defend her if she joined a pro-Duterte rally?"

Atty. Bruce Rivera explains why Sister Fox was deported for everyone's knowledge. Image combined credit to Facebook and Inquirer
Australian missionary Sister Patricia Fox was sent home last Saturday because of numerous violations she did as a foreigner in the Philippines. 

As a foreigner in a certain country there are guidelines and rules a tourist have to abide in order to continue the privilege to live in a particular country. 

Sister Fox deportation

Now, the issue on Sister Patricia Fox deportation has been a huge issue and made noise in social media. Her supporters, the Liberal party in particular has expressed their criticism to the Duterte government because of the decision the Bureau of Immigration has imposed to the Roman Catholic servant.

Moreover, to have a further understanding on why the Catholic nun was deported in spite of her staying in the country for 27 years helping the poor and farmers of the country, why she was still deported.

Patricia Fox is carrying a sign that reads "free all political prisoners". Image credit to ABC News
'Tireless worker' Australian nun Sr Patricia Fox. Image credit to catholicleader.com.au
Atty. Bruce Rivera, a former lawyer of pork barrel scam queen Janet Lim-Napoles and an active supporter of the Duterte administration in social media posted her brilliant explanation on the case of Sister Fox. 

On his post, he mentioned that Sister Fox showed disrespect to the government. Not only to the present government but with the previous administration as well. And as a missionary abroad, she was given a 'missionary visa' to help the Filipino spread their faith which in fact Philippines has the most number of Catholics compared to Sister Fox country, Australia. 

Atty. Rivera, have asked as well in his post. A rationale that if Sister Fox supports the Duterte administration, will the Liberal party would still defend her if she was deported?

And with Vice President Leni Robredo as a lawyer, Atty. Rivera also have asked the Vice President despite a clear violation of Fox on her visa would she still condemn the government for its decision on her deportation?

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The story is sad because we sent home a nun who has lived amongst the poor in the Philippines. A nun who has aligned herself with the sentiments of the people she seeked to help. A nun who the opposition and left-leaning have taken up her cause clearly as a show of contempt for the government.

However, Fox have shown contempt not only for this government but for past governments as well. Would the LP defend her if she was deported because she joined a pro-Duterte rally and not one against it?

The truth of the matter is, a continued visa violation is a continued visa violation which can be revoked regardless of the recipient. Fox was given a missionary visa to help spread her faith, that is, the Catholic faith. If we look at the statistics, the Philippines is MORE Catholic than Australia, her home country. So, why not evangelize Australians to be more Catholic rather than fraternize with the poor Filipinos who are already Catholic. Most of whom do not question their poverty because they believe "blessed are the poor for they are rich in heaven".

And she will argue that part of her evangelization is helping the poor then there are so many countries in Asia poorer than the Philippines who are not Catholic. There is Papua New Guinea, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Tajikistan, as so much more. If you help the poor in those country, Fox can help them see the Lord through her actions.

But what is she doing? She is insisting to stay in the Philippines by helping the poor who already share her faith not as a means to convert them but as a way to tell the people she served how inept our government is because even Australians like her are doing its job. In short, though her intention is noble, it sends a wrong message because there are so many Filipino nuns like her who are doing the same exact thing. And they are justified doing so because aside from their faith, they are also Filipinos who have the right to join political rallies.

You see, there are so many instances I had to tell a foreign husband or boyfriend whose wife or girlfriend is a staunch Duterte supporter not to attend rallies here in the Philippines. Yes, they can have opinions of the President but joining political actions against any side can always be seen as a violation of the visa conditions. And lawyers should know that a visa is not a right that any foreigner can demand, even if already granted. It is a privilege and can be unilaterally withdrawn by the granting state.

And if Filipino lawyers like VP Leni support Patricia Fox despite her clear violations of the visa, they should think that she comes from a state that will cancel our visa just because we brought in soil that got stuck in our sneakers. And if we take on her cudgels, think of all the other Filipinos who go to other countries and faithfully comply with the visa conditions of these countries. Are you telling them, it is okey to violate if paved with good intentions.

And yes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions."

Now, you already know the answer what violation and reasons why Sister Fox was deported and was sent home to her country, even though her mission is to help the poor in the Philippines. 


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