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Monday, November 19, 2018

ADMU alumnus calls Jim Paredes “stupid idiot” for malicious accusations against Duterte admin

Francis Abraham and Jim Paredes
It’s been a year since the issue of Dengvaxia surfaced on the media. Today, it still remains a scare where more than a hundred kids already passed away. The culprit as Public Attorney’s Office suggests is the Dengvaxia shot where the same pattern emerges in all the victims. For the kids who have taken the shot and are now living forward, take precautionary measures better than ever.

Just recently, PAO Chief Persida Acosta unintentionally spilled the beans when President Duterte advised to push through the case against the people behind Dengvaxia way back February.

Accusations to present admin

Jim Paredes, known for his political point of views siding with the so-called ‘dilawans,’ has expressed his understanding of the issue. In Twitter he posts,

“Persida has said that she received orders from Duterte to connect deaths by dengue to Dengvaxia and blame the former admin. Nevermind if there was no proof. Just F*CK*NG POLITICIZE IT. This is your historical legacy. That’s what you get for being so weak to resist a lie.”

ADMU alumnus hits back
Francis Abraham, an entrepreneur and an alumnus of Ateneo De Manila University, slams Jim Paredes’ tweet by replying about the legality of the act, insisting that the two involved personalities are lawyers. Giving Paredes a basic lesson, Abraham explained that dengue shall be connected to dengvaxia in order the case to move along. Even helped the singer, Jim the basic understanding of the news by saying that the president did not order Persida to manufacture an evidence. The entrepreneur called the Apo Hiking Society member “stupid idiot.”
Francis Abraham, photo from FB
Irate netizens

Netizens gave a good deal of comments on the issue as Francis posted a screencap of the replied tweet on Facebook. Paredes was called with different names and was castigated for taking the news the wrong way and even came up with malicious accusations to the current admin.

Source:  Francis Abraham