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Thursday, November 22, 2018

After Chinese president's visit, Robi Domingo enraged netizens following his tweet on Philippines 'not for sale'

Robi Domingo, photo from PEP
In the midst of the historic visit of China's President Xi Jinping in the country, ABS-CBN star Robi Domingo tweeted something that had drawn a lot of reactions, particularly on the Twitter world.

The ex-PBB housemate turned PBB host expressed his opinion about what seemed to be a bandwagon taking place on social media lately which raised some eyebrows.

The BADwagon

As the Chinese president visited the country, the Filipino public went wild due to their contradicting views anent China's visit. With some going as far as criticizing the visitor's physical features, few of them stooped so low by comparing the Chinese president to the iconic Disney character Winnie the Pooh.

Not for sale

On the other hand, the Atenista, like other netizens, seemingly suspect that the country is being sold to China. Their theory's premise being is that, our land would be the price in exchange of the favors that the Philippines is asking from the fellow Asian country.

Deep water

Looking through the responses that his controversial tweet gained, many of the people who replied on the young actor seem to go against his personal opinion. With some questioning where Domingo's point of view came from, the latter was bashed due to intriguing statement.

Coming to Domingo's defense, a certain @ligawnakalat responded to another netizen @ilovedz20: "Anong gagawin? How about, wag umutang ng bilyon-bilyon sa China dahil may history na sila ng debt-trap strategy? I-sisisi niyo sa nakaraang administrasyon eh at least sila may ginawang action. Walang binenta, oo, pero may collateral".

While the rest burned the young actor to the core:

@cali_cali27: Ano naman yan! Bakit binebenta ba? Pa issue na nman to .

@thebinibini_: Hindi siya pa-issue. That is what's happening to the Philippines during the whole time Duterte is president. You might not know it dahil wala namang paki ang iba as long as they're okay, but it's slowly happening.

@chernaks: Sino po bumibili?

@bruh_itsmichael: Hahaha anong magagawa natin? Ni walang paki ang China sa U.N. tribunal ehh. Ano? Gyerahin natin China? 1b+ vs 100m. May 3 palpak na fighter jets, sira sirang baril, 20 years behind na navy ships. well ipakulam nalang natin sila? Or we can stick our face to Chinas ass (play safe)

@ilovedz20: Wala naman binebenta eh.. If you are the President anu ang gagawin mo kung minana mo lang sa dating President yung pinabayaan nilang sakupin at ngayon malaki na naitayo nila sa tingin mo ganun kadali bawiin yun kahit sinabi nila di nila pinaniniwaan ang desisyon ng Tribunal.

@aguila_monique: binenta naman talaga, ni Panot, si trillanes pa nga yung agent...

@gedsky1973: Tagal ng binenta ni panot yan. And di lang sya sa lahi nila. Baka di mo alam yan? Know ur history. Pabida ka sa mga malalaking tae sa industriya na may connection sa mga aquino. Pwe

@angmanobo to another netizen: For argument‘s sake, try me. Pakita mo conclusive evidence nyo na talaga benenta na ang Pilipinas. Walang kang maipakita dahil wala naman talagang evidence. Hakahaka nyo lang yan, speculations. Wag mong dalhin ang usapan sa pagiging mababaw.

@james_mamaril: Why? Who’s selling? Show me the official Declaration from the joint houses of Congress that the Philippines is being “sold”...

@JONGisJONG: I also love my country but I don’t think someone is selling it. Was it because umutang tayo sa China? Anlaki po ng utang natin sa world bank, utang na iniwan ng previous admin, so does it mean pag aari tayo ng world bank?

Meanwhile, below are some of the reactions from prominent personalities:
Screengrab from Robi Domingo's Twitter
‏Screengrab from Robi Domingo's Twitter
‏Screengrab from Robi Domingo's Twitter
In his stint in Pinoy Big Brother Teen edition, Robi was hailed as his batch's second big winner, next to Mindoro's pride Ejay Falcon who was proclaimed as the big winner.

Source: Robi Domingo

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