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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Bishop Broderick Pabillo: Why did God give us Duterte?

Bishop Broderick Soncuaco Pabillo / Photo from Notey
A well – opinionated Bishop Broderick Soncuaco Pabillo once shared his thoughts about a question that left him and his good friend contemplating for a rational explanation behind: WHY DID GOD GIVE US DUTERTE?

The Church have seen the wrong in Duterte through his constant disparage against religion and previous ‘track records of extinction in Davao City but failed to gain support from the people despite their precautions.

So they turn to the bible and hope to see any analogy they could find to prove that Duterte is a mere waste of time.

Duterte’s Motivation

From Pabillo’s standpoint which the news website, Rappler deemed as a good read somehow, his most reverend claimed that “God did not give us Duterte to be our President. The 16 million voters chose him to be President and he is now President. But God can write straight with crooked lines. Even from something bad, good can come out.”
Bishop Broderick Soncuaco Pabillo / Photo from
He trivialized on "vox populi, vox Dei," that is, "the voice of the people is the voice of God,” saying that such passage is not even found in the Bible, citing that leaders such as President Duterte are not even ‘divinely ordained’ in a democratic society.

Pabillo also argued that although God ALLOWED us to have a leader like Duterte to rule the land, his divine intervention won’t allow us to overpower his authority and existence based on the scripture that said, "Let every person be subordinate to the higher authorities, for there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been established by God. Therefore, whoever resists authority opposes what God has appointed, and those who oppose it will bring judgment upon themselves" (Romans 13: 1-2), same that goes with, “But Peter and the apostles said in reply, 'We must obey God rather than men.'" (Acts 5: 29)

Pabillo added that Duterte only came to power by election led by 16 million people (as mere mortals) but not even as close to the overall 50 million registered voters in 2016. “He is not even a majority president,” he said.

Duterte vs. The Church

During a business summit in July, President Duterte threatened anyone who use GOD to hit him and stressed that nobody could impose their views against him about God and Religiion.
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“There is a separation of power between any church and state. Huwag mong isali ang Diyos mo doon sa (do not include your God in) platform of your criticism or your attack because when I answer, kapag sinali mo sa issue, sinali mo ang Diyos, atakihin kita." he said.

“I have tried to answer. There is a separation of powers. Why are you involved the name of the Lord against me? So if I answer, since your forefront is God, why are you hurt? Because I am now forced to recreate a design of my God who does not do those things,” he added.

Perhaps this is one unique quality of Duterte which clergymen like Pabillo is not in - tuned with. He speaks like President Duterte is the one that is responsible behind molested children or concubinage where they cannot even speak against their very own.

Pabillo even urged the people to learn from the mistake of voting for Duterte - only because of being vocal of his perception against the Church.

“We could not have arrived at this stage if already before we had sounded the alarm when the swearing have been happening. We gave him the liberty to swear, now he even swears against God! We should learn the lesson now that if we do not control the power of those on top, they will abuse their power. If we do not make a stand, we allow abuse to take place,” Pabillo said.

Bishop Broderick Pabillo is currently the Auxiliary bishop of Manila. He also chairs the Episcopal Commission on the Laity of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines. He was ordained a priest of the Salesians of Saint John Bosco by Jaime Lachica Sin on December 8, 1982.


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