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Monday, November 5, 2018

Canadian political scientist to Sister Fox: "Filipinos don’t want you, stop pretending to be their friend"

Amir Assadollahi, a Canadian political scientist has again joined in the tirade against deported Australian nun Patricia Fox. This time, when it hit the news that sister Fox insisted on staying in the country even after she was ordered to be deported.
Sister Patricia Fox / Photo from Inquirer

Fox, 72 years old, was in the Philippines with a missionary visa, helping out the poor people in the country and joining rallies and protests against the government.

When President Rodrigo Duterte began to go under fire for the extrajudicial killings that have been happening under his administration, Sister Fox was among the foreigners who openly criticized the president.

During a rally against President Duterte, Sister Fox was detained for "disorderly conduct", then ordered to leave the country as her missionary visa was demoted to temporary tourist visa.
Amir Assadollahi / Photo from Facebook

Siding with Yellow Political Party

Assadollahi, a supporter of President Duterte, commented on the issue of sister Fox, accusing the nun of siding with the Liberal Party, or what he calls "Yellow Political Party".

Assadollahi seemed to be speaking in behalf of the Filipino people, claiming that the Filipino people do not want the nun here and that she should just go ahead and go back to her country.

Meddling with politics

The Canadian says that Fox has been "meddling" with Philippine politics and is delusional about the Filipino people still supporting her cause.
Sister Patricia Fox / Photo from The Australian

Ending his post, Assadollahi says that the Filipino people "saw that she was the real devil".

Read his full post here:

"People have spoken, but she still doesn’t get it.

They don’t want her to be in the Philippines and pretend to help. They want her out and they want her stop meddling with politics under pretend of religion in the Philippines.

She has been siding with Yellow Political Party (Liberal Party) and has been criticized countless of times not to mix religion with politics. As a foreigner, a so called None from Australia, she has been meddling with politics of the Philippines, and now that her visa is expired, she is still thinking she has the Filipino people’s backing.

Sorry Sister, the Filipinos don’t want you. So, stop pretending to be their friend, because they saw that you were the real devil."