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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Celebrities react to Imelda Marcos' conviction: ‘There is justice after all’

After Sandiganbayan found Former First Lady and Ilocos Representative Imelda Marcos guilty of graft and ordered her arrest on Friday, Nov. 9, anti-Duterte and anti-Marcos celebrities shared on Facebook their opinions, including Jim Paredes, Leah Navarro, G. Toengi and Juan Miguel Severo.
Jim Paredes, Juan Miguel Severo, Leah Navarro and G Toengi / Composite photos from Rappler, Push, ABS-CBN and PEP

Celebrity reactions

Singer Jim Paredes was content to know that Marcos has been found guilty.

I will retweet every news about this. She is a THIEF.  Let us at least get this satisfaction even if she may never spend a second in jail,” he said.

Let us see how this Imelda being found guilty stuff plays out the next few days. Watch with caution. Too many forces on her side that do not respect the law,” he added.
Screencap via Twittter / @JimParedes

Actor and spoken word poet Juan Miguel Severo shared the article with the caption, “Look! Something to smile about! [heart emoji].

Singer Leah Navarro also shares her opinion and her expectations.

Imelda can’t be incarcerated because she’s over 80. No matter, because from now on, even if she wins her appeal (she’s got a chance under a Duterte SC), I can confidently call Imelda Marcos a Thief!” she said.

Meanwhile, Giselle Anne Töngi-Walters, better known as actress and singer G. Toengi, was bashed by netizens on her Instagram post when she called Marcos plunderer and Senator Manny Pacquiao a “boxer turned biblical fanatic.”

As a Filipina American, most people I meet around the world almost always mention that all they know of the Philippines is about this woman with the shoes or that boxer turned biblical fanatic. It’s not a good reputation for the Filipino people when the world knows of your country by the woman who plundered away the wealth of the Filipino people on shoes. This proves there is justice after all. Former First Lady and Ilocos Representative has been found guilty. Injustices against the Filipino people will be remembered in history!”

Netizens comments

Netizen One Feng G. (@fengfengdesarapen) claimed she wasn’t “a fan of the former first lady,” but wondered, “You just remembered the bad things about her, paano naman yung mga magagandang ginawa niya at former Pres. Marcos? If you really open your mind and eyes, read beyond history, malalaman mo how great ang Philippines noon," the commenter said.

The actress replied, “Crimes against humanity of the Filipino people outweigh the good the Marcoses contributed to only a few of the wealthy.”
Screencap via IG / @gtongi

A certain Carlos (@carlos_natividad) argued, “Mahusay pa rin ang nagawa ng mga Marcos sa Pilipinas… Kaming mga mahihirap hindi natutuwa 30 years after EDSA ano na ang Pinas lalong humirap dahil sa Aquino.

Screencap via IG / @gtongi

Other netizens, including Agnes Maureen Mutia (@maureen_arjan) slammed Toengi for her statement against Pacquiao.

It’s a bit rude of you to say ‘that boxer turned biblical fanatic’ when he gave karangalan sa Pilipinas.

What’s rude is saying gays are worse than animals!” the actress replied.

Replying to another comment, Toengi said she used to support Pacquiao as a boxer, “but after that unacceptable comment, he no longer represented the best of the inclusive Filipino spirit.
Screencap via IG / @gtongi

Source: Inquirer