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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Denmark Ambassador Finds PH Media Lack of Professionalism and Ethical Standards

Ambassador to the Philippines Jan Christensen, photo from
Media is one of the essential elements in the society. It has to speak the truth and in all honesty, brave to conquer all the odds. Being a journalist is living in a profession enclosed with a lot of risks, even life is sacrificed. But with the fast evolvement of technology, the news report style of media and journalists goes beyond the box- the birth of fake news and negative media reporting.

Denmark ambassador Christensen 

In a multi-stakeholder gathering, the Ambassador to the Philippines Jan Christensen speaks about the PH media’s lack of professionalism and ethics. He expressed his observation about how the media in the Philippines delivers the news with great negativity particularly on the issues concerning the government. The talk happened in the event sponsored by the Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication and International Media Support.

Media killings

The systematically negative media, as observed by Christensen is definitely a lack of professionalism and ethical standards. He even tackles about the safety and security of every journalist in the country. Even stressed the killings of journalists way back Maguindanao Massacre in 2009.

Importance of media 

Citing the very importance of media, Denmark ambassador says,
“Media is seen as the fourth power in Denmark. Media is extremely important for checks and balances system in a democratic society.” 

The NUJP or National Union of Journalists in the Philippines raises its concern on the issue of media killings and harassments on media personalities. The chairperson of NUJP,
Nonoy Espina said,

“A killing is a killing. There is no justification.” 

He even expressed his concern that there should be no distinction as to whether the journalist is involved in bad journalism practices. Espina basically focuses on the safety and security of a member of media above all else.

Other issues discussed on the said event are the low wages of media persons in the industry, the safety courses of journalism in colleges and universities, the rights of every campus journalists, the response of the government regarding the security of media people.