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Monday, November 5, 2018

DFA Sec Teddyboy Locsin Calls International Critics, ”moral morons”

DFA Sec. Teddyboy Locsin, photo from tribune.net.ph
The war on drugs will stay still on the surface as long as President Duterte is on the Presidential seat. It will be a long battle to achieve peace and security. The drug war which Duterte started is by far the most sensationalized issue by the president’s critics even brought the matter to the international floor.

Moral morons 

Teddyboy Locsin, the Department of Foreign Affairs secretary slams the international groups who have called out the president in lieu of drug war. They have been imposing the president to take the matter with a healthy approach rather than solving the problem through police operations where crimes brought by drugs gradually reduce, even petty street crimes.

Locsin, in defense, called the critics as “moral morons.”  The European Union, in particular, has called out the government regarding the circumstance and even threatened to hold trade privileges as a way to retaliate on the lives taken during the drug war which the critics dramatically call as “extra-judicial killings.”
DFA Sec. Teddyboy Locsin, photo from Remate
The DFA secretary posted yesterday,

“Those people who want to treat the drug problem as a medical problem, which is right but only with regard to addicts, not drug dealers, are patently on the PR payroll of the drug trade. Period.” 
This is not genocide 

Added to that, Locsin corrects the wrong information from the international critics by insisting that the drug war is genocide. He gives the substantial elements of genocide act which is apparently far from the war on drugs,

“Genocide is defined definitively as the killing of people for their race, religion or political persuasion. The drug trade is not about race—indeed it is about one and the same race cleansing itself.” 

EO 66 

Executive Order 66 is successfully signed by Duterte which aims to balance government efforts to boost its campaign against drug use. According to the mandated law, government offices including the GOCC’s will be put under the PADS (Philippine Anti-Illegal Drugs Strategy). All the relative plans concerning drugs should be submitted to Dangerous Drugs Board in a matter of 60 days.

Source: tribune.net.ph