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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Duterte gave back 'land titles' to Ati tribe: "You can sell Boracay land after 10 years, get rich"

President Rodrigo Duterte and Boracay Ati Tribal Organization community leader Delsa Supitran Justo. Image combined credit to unTV HUMAN FACE by Ceres
The Ati's are the original inhabitants of the Boracay island. They live in a 2.1-hectare gated community before the island was developed into Asia's prime beach destination in early 2000s. 

President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday gave back 623 certificates of land title ownership award to the original inhabitants of Boracay, covering the 274 hectares of the Island to continue their agrarian reform. 

Six of the CLOAs went to 45 members of the Boracay Ati Tribal Organization.

Duterte awards land ownership to Ati tribe in Boracay. Image credit to unTV
Greedy businessman

Why can’t an indigenous community of 46 families whose ancestors called the island their home long, long before the island became a tourist haven, occupy a tiny 2.1-hectare area that has been designated as their home?

Chieftain Delsa Justo said, they never agreed to sell the land. 

Duterte earlier said that the Ati tribe could opt to sell the awarded land to "big businesses" so that they "will have huge money."

"Sa aming mga Ati, ang alam lang namin ibenta ay 'yung mga isda na nahuli namin, mga gulay na nakuha namin. Kung lupa na, hindi magagawa ng community," Justo said.

"Hindi na namin alam anong gagawin namin sa pera 'pag nabenta namin 'yan. Ang lupa, mamatay ka man o buhay, lupa pa rin," she said.

President Duterte, assisted by Agrarian Reform Secretary John Castriciones (left), hands out a certificate of land ownership award. Image credit to Inquirer
Fifty-year-old Ati woman and community leader Delsa Supitran Justo will not let this happen. She will tell you right away that unlike many of their counterparts in Luzon, the Atis in Boracay do not beg. They fish, farm, go to school, get employed. Although she stopped at Grade 4, all her six children have gone for higher education and her eldest has just finished college with a teaching degree.

Back door Boracay

The well known occasion island was shut to visitors on April 26 after Duterte marked it as a "cesspool," referring to its sewage troubles. 

The administration at that point set out on a 6-month restoration of the island with an end goal to tidy up the shoreline goal, considered one of the nation's best places of interest. 

It revived last Oct. 26, with experts upholding stricter principles to guarantee neatness and request in the island, yet some street and framework works stayed incomplete. 

Under the new administration, the once-jumbled beachfront was cleared of back rub slows down, merchants, blazes and even the manufacturers of the island's acclaimed sandcastles. 

Structures were bulldozed and organizations pushed back to make a 30-meter cushion zone from the waterline. 

Under Boracay's new principles, 19,200 vacationers will be permitted to enter the island at any one time, with the administration meaning to authorize that by controlling the quantity of accessible lodging rooms. 

Almost 400 lodgings and eateries considered to abuse nearby ecological laws were requested shut and carriers and also ships were advised to confine administration to the zone.


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Source: ABS-CBN