Duterte seeks investigation on Trillanes parents military transactions: "Lahat yan lalabas na. Yung mga deals sa panahon ng Tatay mo, pati nanay mo." - The Daily Sentry

Duterte seeks investigation on Trillanes parents military transactions: "Lahat yan lalabas na. Yung mga deals sa panahon ng Tatay mo, pati nanay mo."

President Rodrigo Duterte hits back Senator Antonio Trillanes IV for parents investigation. Image credit to Rappler
President Rodrigo Duterte said on Monday during a groundbreaking water project in Davao City, to start investigating parents of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV with its transactions in the military during his father was in service. 

Trillanes' father Antonio Sr. served in the  Philippine Navy and retired from the military in 1988 and passed away in 1998. 

Duterte vowed to reveal the details of the military transactions of his parents after Trillanes the former rebel soldier of his administration have humiliated resource persons attending Senate inquiries and embarrassing former Defense Secretary Angelo Reyes whom he claimed had committed suicide because of Trillanes. 

“We are looking into the paper. We’re investigating quietly ‘yung mga deals sa panahon ng tatay pati ‘yung involved ang nanay [during the time of his father and those that involved his mother],” Duterte said during the groundbreaking of a water project in Davao City Monday.

“And he can be very sure na lalabas lahat ‘yan [it will all come out],” he added.

Trillanes mother involved in PH Navy transactions

President Duterte accused Trillanes' mother back on September, saying it was the latter's family member who was involved in business transactions while Trillanes father was in government service. 

"Ang problema kay (the problem with) Trillanes, he is crucifying (Special Assistant to the President) Bong Go for entering into business with government," Duterte said in the one-on-one interview.

"(But) There was a time in the Navy's history... Ang tatay niya nasa seribisyo pa, siya nasa serbisyo pa, ang transaction ng karamihan ng supplies sa Navy, ang nanay niya."

Senator Trillanes IV with parents during his days as a cadet in the Philippine Military Academy. Image credit to Asian Policy
Trillanes lashed out at the country's chief executive for dragging his parents into their row. He told Duterte to rather stick with their personal issues.

"Hindi ko maintindihan kung bakit ida-drag ni Mr. Duterte ang aking mga magulang dito sa laban namin," Trillanes told reporters on Tuesday afternoon. "You stick with me, Mr. Duterte." 

"Kung meron siyang problema sa akin, stick with me. Dahil kaya ko to. Pero yung ida-drag mo yung nanay ko, personalan yan. Hindi yan gawain ng mga tunay na lalaki," the senator added.

Duterte to finance life story of Magdalo

In his speech in Davao City, Duterte said he continue to post tirade against Trillanes and his fellow rebel soldier Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano for criticizing the government. 

“One of these days maghanap ako ng financier – the Magdalo story. Gawin ko kayo kengkoy lahat. Kengkoy man talaga. Nag-surrender. The least you can do is nagpakamatay ka,” he said.

He said they should have killed themselves instead of surrendering to authorities after staging past military uprisings.

“Itong dalawang walang ginawa kundi manira ng puri ng tao [These two have done nothing but destroy people’s reputation]. I don’t know what happened to them,” he said.

“Itong si Trillanes wala talaga. Something is wrong between his… gray matter between his ears,” Duterte said.

“Akala ng mga tao reformers only to be such idiots also there,” he said on the election of the two rebel soldiers after getting pardon from the previous administration.

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and Rep. Gary Alejano. Image credit to The Philippine Star
Duterte also took a swipe at Alejano for pretending to be a lawyer. 

“Sometimes he sees a document, he interprets it and he knows that he’s only good for four years of education and he interprets it and he talks like a lawyer, pretending to be (one),” he added.

Trillanes on Angelo Reyes' death

Duterte points at Trillanes for death of Angelo Reyes: 'Hanggang senador ka lang' File Photo. The Daily Sentry
President Rodridgo Duterte blames Trillanes on the death of former Defense Chief Angelo Reyes for his "misconduct" during a Senate hearing on January 2011. 

Reyes and Trillanes clashed in the Senate and allegedly humiliates his senior and said to Reyes that he had "no reputation to protect."

Emotional stress was said to be the reason of Reyes' death in 2011 which led to Trillanes involvement of ending his own life. 

"Imagine what happened to General Reyes sinabihan niya (Trillanes) publicly na 'no, stop it, you do not have any dignity". 

Duterte explained that he does not really like Trillanes after he embarrassed former Defense Secretary Angelo Reyes during a Senate hearing years ago.


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Source: Manila Bulletin