Duterte slams ICC anew, insists 'few idiots' cannot try him: “Mga p**** i**. I do not recognize the ICC" - The Daily Sentry

Friday, November 16, 2018

Duterte slams ICC anew, insists 'few idiots' cannot try him: “Mga p**** i**. I do not recognize the ICC"

President Rodrigo Duterte | ICC Judges

President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday had once again lashed out against the International Criminal Court (ICC) maintained that he does not recognize the authority of this international tribunal to investigate him in connection with his administration's anti-drug drive.

He said in a speech before the Filipino community in the Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, where he is attending the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leaders’ Meeting why he would allow himself to be tried by a "few idiots" from the ICC.

Duterte pointed that the human rights groups who are known critical of his administration's campaign have called him a monster and not a human being.

“Sabi man nila, ‘That Duterte is not a human right — ah he is not human. He is a monster.’ O hindi ako kasali sa human rights. Maghanap kayo ng korte para sa mga monster. Kayo na rin nagsabi eh," he said.

International Criminal Court (ICC) | Photo from Aljazeera

“Nakita mo ‘yung problema ko tapos sabihin mo lang p****** i** ka human right, letse ka. You go to hell."

Duterte stressed out that he does not acknowledge the ICC as it was a creation by the European Union (EU).

“Sabi ko I do not recognize the ICC. It is a creation of EU. Hindi ‘yan ‘yung criminal — international court of justice. Ito creation of EU. They want to spread their gospel of international governance,” he said.

The President also questioned the qualifications of ICC judges.

“Mga g***. Sabi ko sino ‘yung mga judges ninyo diyan? Bakit kasama ba kami pagpili nitong mga g*****, p***** i**** puti na ‘yan? Baka ito pedophile. ‘Yan man karamihan sa kanila,” he said.

“So why would I allow myself to be tried by a few idiots human beings in this world?” he added.

Duterte threatened to slap the ICC prosecutor planning to investigate him over alleged crimes against humanity.

President Rodrigo Duterte | Fatou Bensouda is the ICC's chief prosecutor | Photo from ABS-CBN

"For as long as you put in line of fire my countrymen, hindi talaga tayo magkakaintindihan. Magpatayan talaga tayo. Wala akong magawa because I have to protect my country. Never mind me going to jail. If I escape in time, magkikita-kita rin tayo dito. Wala namang extradition treaty,” he added.

The President has withdrawn the Philippines’ ratification of the Rome Statute, a treaty that established the ICC over violation of due process.

The ICC later announced that the preliminary examination would continue despite the country’s pullout from the Rome Statute.


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Source: Manila Bulletin