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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Duterte to fire another gov't official due to alleged corruption: "I really have to fire you."

President Rodrigo Duterte | Photo from Asian Review

President Rodrigo Duterte announced that he would fire another cabinet official when he returns to the Philippines  from international summits as part of his effort to cleanse the government from corruption.

"When I go back, another person will be fired," he said

Duterte's fight vs corruption

In his speech before the Filipino community in the Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, where he is attending the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leaders’ Meeting, Duterte said he has dismissed several officials, including Cabinet members, as part of his anti-corruption campaign.

“I said I will try to stop corruption. All of it. Two months early, I fired a Cabinet member during a Cabinet meeting for lying,” Duterte said

“So nag-init ang ulo ko because I should trust him. At saka maski hindi ko kababata, nobody would hoist a lie like that,” he added.

He did not identify yet the official he would dismiss and the offense committed.

“And since then I have fired several people…when I go back, another person will be fired. I really have to fire you. I’m sorry,” he added.

Not even a whiff of corruption

Government officials who were fired due to irregularities | Photo from Rappler
Dutertes in his administration's drive against corruption and irregularities has vowed not to allow even a whiff of corruption in his government.

The President also hit out at people who appeared to be "crusading saints" but were first who became involved in irregularities.

“Many of my friends joined me even during the time when I was first elected mayor in 1988. Would you believe it? What irks me and what pisses me off, their style was, ‘Rod, you have to run because our nation is going nowhere.’ You thought they were the crusading saints of the country only to be the first to commit wrongdoing,”

He usually made announcement that he would fire one of his officials due to corruption without mentioning names.

Unauthorized trips

President Rodrigo Duterte | Photo from Rappler
Duterte said some officials lost their jobs because they were fond of unnecessary trips even if it was not clear what would be accomplished from attending those events.

"All those who have traveled more than five times, leave,” the President said.

“Now, Cabinet members, everyone, they have to get a clearance… I said if we cannot understand each other with regard to the people’s money, you leave,” he added.

Duterte has previously expressed dismay and was exasperated with fighting corruption after uncovering anomalous transactions in government.

Duterte has created a Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC) to directly assist the President in investigating and/or hearing administrative cases involving graft and corruption against all presidential appointees.


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Source:  Manila Times