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Monday, November 5, 2018

Duterte: Vote for Freddie Aguilar for Senator, "He is a brilliant man."

President Rodrigo Duterte seeks voters to cast a vote for his friend Freddie Aguilar for being a nationalist, a love for his country. Image credit to Philippine Star

During the inauguration of the first landport in the Philippines, the ParaƱaque Integrated Terminal Exchange, President Duterte urged for his supporters to cast a vote for singer-writer Freddie Aguilar for being a nationalist.

Freddie Aguilar performs at President Rodrigo Duterte Presidential campaign in 2016.Image credit to Our Daily Revelations PH
Why vote for Freddie Aguilar in the 2019 mid-term elections?

Well known internationally and locally, singer-composer Freddie Aguilar or known as Ka Freddie Aguilar is a folk musician, best known for his rendition "Bayan Ko" which became the anthem of the opposition to the Marcos regime during the 1986 People Power Revolution.

Freddie Aguilar's influenced by his Filipino heritage, nationalist feelings, and tries to constitute a musical exploration of the Filipino ethos.

Through his songs he composed, being a patriot to is own country shows great love to be a Filipino that President Rodrigo Duterte adored him for his love for country.

Duterte's request for a seat in the Senate for Aguilar

In Spite of Freddie Aguilar's sister, Marlene Aguilar's bad-mouthing President Duterte, the executive chief still manages to endorse the folk singer for he is also a friend to Duterte.

In 2016 Presidential election, Aguilar was one who gave full support to Duterte.

President Duterte and Freddie Aguilar during the Taguig rally. Image credit to philnews.xyz

"Tulungan natin si (Let's help) Freddie. He is one exemplary guy," said Duterte at the inauguration of the ParaƱaque Integrated Terminal Exchange, where Aguilar performed.

"Freddie is running for senator. Wala akong hiningi sa inyo (I am not asking anything of you) but consider – he is a brilliant man. Pero kung sabihin 'nyo bilib ako, lahat ng kanta niya (But if you ask me if I believe in him, in all his songs), there is a social message," said Duterte.

"Kaya ako nakikiusap. Tutal dose naman 'yan, ibigay 'nyo sa isang nationalist, 'yung isang taong nagmamahal sa bayan (That's why I am asking for a favor. Anyway, there are 12 slots, give one to a nationalist, someone who loves the country)," he said.

President Duterte seeks support to vote his "good friend" and even lifted Aguilar's hand in a gesture of full support to the singer.

Freddie Aguilar's political party

Aguilar filed his certificate of candidacy for senator before the Commission on Elections last month. He claimed that he was running under the ruling PDP-Laban party.

The administration party, however, has reportedly disowned Aguilar as one of its senatorial bets.

The President's decision to champion Aguilar is at odds with the moves of officials of his own political party, PDP-Laban.

Duterte, told of the rift within his party, vowed to unify the two groups.


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Source: Rappler