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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Jim Paredes calls Duterte a 'traitor', says his Tirades Against The Church A Distraction From China Issue

Jim Paredes and President Rodrigo Duterte, photo from NEWSLOG PH
Singer songwriter Jim Paredes, one of the vocal detractors of President Duterte, claims that Duterte has started his tirades against the Catholic church anew so that people’s attention would be diverted to the real pressing issue, China.

Playing Tricks

In one of his posts on his Facebook page, Jim Paredes accused the president of being a traitor, and that he is slamming the Church anew so that people will be distracted and their attention will be diverted away from the pressing China issue.

Paredes warned the netizens by saying “Dont let him distract you from China issue. The traitor is playing tricks”. He also added that the president will do almost anything just to shift the issue of the China MOU.

Frustrated Pinoys

There is a mounting frustration among Filipinos, especially those who are against the current administration about the seemingly unfavorable development surrounding the disputed territory in the South China Sea, they are afraid that the country is losing it’s sovereignty over the West Philippine Sea.

This is amid the successful two day visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping in the country last week, where 29 agreements were signed, including an agreement on how to develop resources in the South China Sea.

Church Under Fire

In a speech held in Davao City, the president continued his tirades against the bishops and other Catholic officials. He said that Church has been clinging on to teachings that were 3,000 years ago. He also accused the bishops of stealing and asking for contributions.

He pinpointed Caloocan Bishop Pablo Virgilio David, whom he suspect of being into drugs since the bishop was often seen roving at night. Bishop David quickly responded to Duterte’s allegations and denied that he’s into drugs. He said that he is helping to rehabilitate those people who are addicted to drugs.

Read full post of Jim Paredes below:

In another Facebook post, Paredes said:

With Duts new rampage against Bishop Ambo accusing him of stealing and now drugs, and even threatening to behead him, you can be sure he wants the conversation to shift from the China MOU .

If he has to shit in public he will do it to distract us.

Source:  Jim Paredes