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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Freelance Programmer Mobbed By Netizens For His Insensitive Comment Wishing The President Dead

Gilbert GK and President Rodrigo Roa Duterte
A lesson on Ethics. That’s what a freelance programmer learned after netizens slammed him for posting a rather cruel and insensitive comment about the president. He cursed the president for being a worthless leader and wished him dead.

Ethics Please

Manila Bulletin shared an article on Facebook about the president having a power nap in the middle of the ASEAN summit due to exhaustion. Well, it is quite understandable for a busy president, who is all of 73 years, to have a rest even during the heat of the ASEAN meeting. After 2 years and counting, the stress of leading the country might be taking its toll on the president.

While criticisms about the president are most welcome since we are living in a democratic nation, there is a line between criticism and sheer hatred. And when someone wished for somebody to die, especially if that somebody happens to be a president beloved by many people, we can expect a backlash of anger from the supporters of the president.

Be Careful What You Wished For

Gilbert GK is most probably banging his head in regret after he posted his cruel and insensitive remark about the president. A freelance programmer based on his Facebook profile, Gilbert GK lacked the ethics and the sensitivity when he commented that the president is nothing but worthless, cursed him and wished the president dead.

The supporters of the president and even those who are not even apologists of the leader found Gilbert GK’s comments as overboard. Angry replies started to pile up, all of them slamming him for his nasty remark about the president.

Angry Netizens

Netizens did not take Gilbert GK’s remark sitting down. One even wished for Gilbert to die ahead of the president. Another netizen asked him to return the new passport with a 10 year validity that the president made available for the convenience of all OFWs. Others called him a faggot, and other cruel words.

One netizen gave Gilbert GK one sound advice. He can hate Duterte all he want but he should never, ever wish for someone to die, for it will haunt him 10 folds.

After all the nasty reactions that Gilbert GKs comment had, he never seemed to defend himself. I guess he learned a lesson he will never forget. Respect begets respect.

Check out some screenshot photos below: