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Gary Alejano at the Cambridge Union: A 360 degree opposite of Pacquaio's

Image of Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano (from Google) and Cambridge Union's main chamber courtesy of Wikipedia 

Magdalo Partylist representative Gary Alejano wants to replace the soon to be forgotten Senator Antonio Trillanes IV in the senate this coming mid-term elections.

His constant baseless criticisms of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte are like the passing of baton so to speak between him and his Philippine Military Academy (PMA) classmate – Senator. Trillanes.

Chance of a life time

The Manila Times resident journalist Ms. Rachel A.G. Reyes in her article titled “Gary Alejano at the Cambridge Union” tells us the systematic and well planned speech of Gary Alejano which he thinks will help him secure a Senate seat.

A chance of a lifetime befell to forty-five year old Alejano when like senator Manny Pacquiao he was invited to be the guest speaker of the world’s oldest debating society- the Cambridge Union. But unlike the speech given by senator Pacquiao which was described as emotional, moving, and inspirational and has shown the good qualities of the Filipino, Alejano was a 360 degree opposite that of Pacquaio.

Just like the Trillanes inside the country, he did a “Trillanes” move in front of the Cambridge Union attendees. His version is definitely a level up as to how Vice President Maria Leonor Robredo made a dark and bleak description when she was the guest speaker in a United Nation function.

Alejano, spoke as if there is no democracy in the country anymore.

“The kilIings continue unabated” Alejano said, before the audience.

“Government officials have the audacity to twist facts and condone and justify the kilIings,” and “Investigations were either stalled or whitewashed.” The Magdalo representative added.*

On Customs and WPS

He even insinuated that the President is in cahoots with the big time smugglers and narco lords when the billions worth of shabu pass through the Bureau of Customs (BOC).

I would have expected the President to have gotten mad, berserk, over the smuggling of tons of drugs,” he said

“Instead, he has been silent. We want to support the President but he needs to be true to his word.” The glaring irony, he emphasized, was that the price of narco was falling due to oversupply.” Alejano alleged.

The former naval officer also sharply criticized Duterte’s fiscal and foreign policies saying that the country had become a “subservient to China.”

Alejano brought out the ongoing Chinese militarization of the West Philippine Sea; he also talked about the plight of Filipino fishermen in Scarborough Shoal, saying Chinese naval ships were harassing them and confiscating their fresh catch.

 “It feels like Filipinos are thieves in their own waters,” he said.

“Why is President Duterte accepting Chinese loans that carry interest far higher than the loans being offered by Japan?” an irate Filipino student asked

“Because, according to Duterte’s chief economic advisers, the Philippines want to make new friends.” Alejano answered

“The Duterte administration simply did not want to do or say anything to offend China, even at a cost to the country’s own resources, sovereignty and our respect for ourselves.” He added

On 'what he could do'

Another student asked: “What would you do differently then?”

 “First, we should use a multilateral approach. We should use our victory in the international tribunal [on the South China Sea dispute], to forge a consensus among nations that China does not follow international law.”  Alejano said

Secondly, he said he would call for a robust maritime strategy.

“Not necessarily confrontational or leading to conflict,” he said.

“We just need to start supporting our own fishermen.” Alejano added

'Fake news and fear'

However, what was more destructive is that he alleges that common Filipinos do not enjoy the freedom or basic rights in the Constitution, as he implied that Duterte was only getting high poll rating because people are afraid to speak up.

If you are a witness to killings, or to the rounding up of suspects, [or your name appears on] a narco list, all of whom are targets of a deat squad, do you really think you will speak up against the President? Or would you rather play safe and say you agree with the President?” Alejano said

For a seat in the senate he had to made the foreign audience believe what he is saying are all gospel truth, he portrayed the country thru the chief executive that we have renounced our sovereignty to China, and that news if it does not come from the opposite side of the political fence it is automatically fake news.

Source: Manila Times