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Monday, November 26, 2018

Geo – Political expert to LP: “They are willing to sacrifice the entire country to defend uninhabited pieces of land in the Sea”

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Geo – Political Expert, Adam Garrie ponders on the hazard behind the Liberalists’ (Yellowists) platforms continuous thrive over uninhabited pieces of land rather than work with the government to tap the neighboring state, such as China, to exploit an immense source of natural resources through a mutually beneficial agreement.

As President Rodrigo Duterte ushers in an era of peaceful cooperation and partnership with China, these ‘Yellowtards’ still think that hostility and provocations are the best method to redeem sovereignty in the maritime region. “This is not politics – such views are insanity at a cognitive level,” according to Garrie.

Vote ‘YELLOW’ And We Will Bring War

With the ‘Yellows’ kicking up a tremendous fuss over some empty maritime land, President Rodrigo Duterte has made sure the greatest good for the majority of the Filipinos by simply reaching out to China in order to develop an even ‘closer’ relations.

Clearly, President Duterte chose COMMERCE over Hostility, the need for local energy over personal interest, PEACE rather than WAR.
Adam Garrie / Photo from Washington Examiner
Garrie cited a rather perfect metaphor for the Liberal Party, saying that “they are willing to sacrifice the entire country to defend uninhabited pieces of land in the Sea, but they are both unwilling and unable to do anything to improve the lives of those living in the inhabited parts of The Philippines.”

Garrie also believes that a vote for the ‘Yellows’ in the office is also a vote for war that nobody wants and no nation needs.

President Duterte realizes that his main role is a Chief problem solver – a character by which none of the Yellowist possesses.

“War is often a symptom of geopolitical childishness,” according to Garrie. A character that has brought the world countless of wars that were waged in the world over. While having TANTRUMS is the unreasonable and extreme way of getting things your way, PRAGMATIC THINKING is the ideal way to help shape reality and come by the tides.

The same way President Duterte approaches problem solving which stemmed from both his legal background and his decades of experience as Davao City Mayor.
Photo from Philippine Headline News Online
“Therefore, the key for the Filipino public is not to attempt and find elements of reason in the Yellow argument as what the Yellows offer is not an argument at all. It is a collective tantrum and one which if taken seriously could spill the blood of millions. Duterte is luckily insuring that such things will not happen,” according to Garrie.

Phils., China Ties Deepen

After enhancing their alliance to “strategic cooperation”, both Philippines and China have committed to remain “good friends and good neighbors” contributing to regional peace and stability.

China’s President Xi Jin Ping recognized that the ties between China and the Philippines have since been “a relationship between equals” and a “relationship between two good neighbors”.

During last week’s State Banquet hosted by President Rodrigo Duterte, Chinese President Ping said, “The President and I agreed to elevate our relationship to one of comprehensive strategic cooperation.”

“This decision, which will mark a new milestone in our relations, speaks of our shared determination to be good friends and good neighbors. We are truly pleased with this decision,” he added.

Although President Ping admitted there were “obstacles” in the past, the bilateral relations have eventually headed to the “right trajectory” since President Duterte assumed office in 2016. He lauded President Duterte’s leadership and likened him to Philippine National Hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal.


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