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Monday, November 12, 2018

Influential Political Blogger cites 'slain' former Naga Councilor, calls out VP Leni for JUSTICE

Former Naga City Councilor Emilio Aguinaldo and Vice President Leni Robredo / Composite photos from and Esquire Philippines
Following former First Lady Imelda Marcos’s rare conviction of graft, influential political blogger Sass Rogando Sasot cites the late Jesse Robredo’s alleged involvement with the then Naga City Councilor Emilio Aguinaldo’s sudden disappearance amid administrative and corrupt charges.

Robredo was former Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary during which Aguinaldo went missing on his way to Manila to pursue on the case he had filed against the latter. Robredo was charged with more than 50 cases of graft by Aguinaldo, including the ‘questionable’ construction of the Naga City Coliseum.

Sasot, in her blog page known as ‘For the Motherland’, on Monday, called out Vice President Leni Robredo’s attention seeking JUSTICE for Aguinaldo’s disappearance and possible demise almost 10 years have passed. Such loss was linked to the graft charges filed by Aguinaldo against VP Leni’s late husband, Jesse who later died in a plane crash in 2012, presumably due to Pilot error.
Sass Rogando Sasot / Photo from Facebook
The case which remained unresolved to date, stemmed from what the Robredos define only as ‘ridiculous’ intrigue.



Dear Leni Robredo:

Buti pa si Imelda nahatulan ng Sandiganbayan, eh iyong asawa mo? Iyong nag-file ng anti-graft case sa Ombudsman eh NAWALA NG PARANG BULA.

"Relatives of former Naga City Councilor Emilio Aguinaldo have blamed Interior and Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo for the disappearance of the former councilor.

Aguinaldo has filed 50 cases against Robredo, the former mayor of Naga, before the Ombudsman.
Former Naga City Councilor Emilio Aguinaldo / Photo from
Aguinaldo has been missing since June 8, 2008. He was last seen going to Manila to follow up the cases he had filed against Robredo."

Robredo Shrugged Off Chargers

From the words of Aguinaldo’s surviving wife, Marina, her husband eventually became impatient with the Ombudsman’s ‘very slow’ manner of resolving the cases against Robredo. Marina also said that Emilio had to sell 3 pigs to have enough money in going to Manila to follow up the case.

“I dont want to think that my husband is already dead. I just want to know what happened to him. We are afraid to ask questions since Robredo is in the DILG,” Marina told reporters in a September 2010 issue by PhilStar Global.

Marina also lamented that majority of the cases still awaits settlement at that time while Jesse Robredo repeatedly shrugged off charges filed by Aguinaldo.

“We could not secure justice from the case especially if they have high connections in the government. But I still hope that we could achieve justice and the truth will come out on the struggle left by my husband,” Marina said.

Robredo on the other hand simply laughed off the allegations including his questionable residency status, saying that they were merely intrigues being peddled by critics who had been affected by his strong advocacy against illegal gambling.

The late Naga official said the misstatement was meant to divert the public’s attention and the government away from ‘jueteng’ that hounded during which Aguinaldo was Councilor.

Robredo justified that he eliminated ‘jueteng’ operations in Naga City long before he stepped down as Mayor.

“Ha ha ha, ridiculous, they should do better than these and those issues came out two weeks ago, it seems the guilty are looking for a diversion,” Robredo replied to reporters through a text message.


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