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Monday, November 19, 2018

Int'l relations expert offered compelling proposal to Falcis Family

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In a wildly unexpected turn of events, Internation Relations Expert Sass Rogando Sasot, offered a rather compelling proposal to Atty Jesus Falcis, whose brother Nicko Falcis, recently sued by ‘Queen of All Media’ Ms. Kristine Aquino for qualified theft.

In her controversial blog site, ‘For the Motherland’ on Monday, Sasot posted an OPEN LETTER, addressing the abogado, implying that a fictional character by the name of Olivia Pope said she is willing to ‘bury the hatchet’ behind and let go of any lingering animosity between them. Only if the Falcis kinsfolk would be willing to let her help them against Aquino’s oppression.

‘Sass’ also said that she is willing to help clear Falcis family’s name in the court of public opinion since their (Falcis) vulnerability of being an ordinary citizen is an easy prey that could easily be defeated by the Aquinos through their network of ‘Yellow’ autocrats.

ALL these, in return for what the Falcis knew of the ‘Yellow Propaganda’ Machine particularly the ‘Yellow’ Blogger whom Sasot earlier referred to as PINOY AKO BLOG by Jover Laurio. “We need receipts, evidence, proof, versus the Yellow blogger you said is on the payroll of Kris Aquino, 25K/month,” urged Sass.
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“Jesus Falcis is right in his press conference, who are you guys versus Kris Aquino, But given the right support you can at least match Kris Aquino’s power.

Jesus Falcis, I don’t like you. I actually detest you. But I’m willing to bury the hatchet and let the animosity between us go. You are also part of the LGBT community. And though I don’t like your poor strategy on fighting for same – s** marriage, you helped bring one of the issues of our community on the agenda.

Unlike Kris Aquino, you are not hacienderos who treated peasants like sh*t. There’s no Mendiola Mass*cre under your family’s name. You are just an ordinary citizen whose idealism is getting the better of him thus you say those nasty things about people who can’t measure up to your sense of righteousness that you yourself cannot really fulfill 100%.
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I am willing to help your family clear your brother’s name in the court of public opinion. Enough of that wishful thinking that the truth can defeat Kris Aquino. Look at Joey Marquez and James Yap. The truth could be on their side but look what happened. In fact, I know for a fact that truth was on Joey’s side. Yet look what happened to him.

Kris Aquino is a cunning, clever, shady woman. She knows what she’s doing. And you guys need all the support you need to not be destroyed by her.

I won’t ask you to become pro – Duterte in the process. But I will need you to give me something in return: What you know about the Yellow propaganda machine that has been destroying not just Duterte but also his supporters. We need receipts, evidence, proof, versus the Yellow blogger you said is on the payroll of Kris Aquino, 25K/month.

In return, I wll give my 100% in helping you clear your brother’s name in the court of public opinion. I’m sure I can convince MOCHA USON BLOG and Thinking Pinoy to do the same.

But give us something true. In fact, give us a SWORN AFFIDAVIT of your accusations versus these yellow bloggers.

Kris was the top campaign donor of Leni Robredo and Akbayan. LP won’t help you. The Yellow bloggers and Yellow political personalities won’t care about you. Most politicians have “utang na loob” to the Aquino family. In fact, a lot of judges probably have it. But I don’t owe the Aquinos anything. But you must give us something in return --- not your support for Duterte but VERIFIABLE EVIDENCE versus Jover Laurio and other Yellow bloggers.

You have my word.


Olivia Pope”

Aquino Threatens Falcis

Nicko Falcis, currently out of the Country is facing 44 counts of ‘Qualified Theft’ after media personality, Kris Aquino filed a  case against him.

Nicko’s brother Jesus, alleged that the former fled the country not because of guilt, but by “serious threats to his person and safety.”

In a statement, Jesus recounted what he overheard Kris telling his brother: “I know for a fact and I heard it personally. Miss Aquino threatened my brother. She said: ‘Wag kang tatapak dito sa Pilipinas – dare to go back in this country and you will be punished.’

Pointing out that the Aquinos are a powerful and prominent family, Jesus said that Kris do not take the threat lightly.

“The reality is, I never imagined I would hear someone I just used to watch on television, and the daughter of Ninoy and Cory Aquino to say those things,” Jesus said.

Jesus also added saying that Kris has a list of Falcis’ flight records, making it easy for the former to monitor his arrival and departure.

“She brags that she has powerful friends, and I have a screenshot to show this. That is the reason why my brother is not here, will not be here during the preliminary investigation later and will not be here on my dad’s birthday on Sunday,” Jesus told.


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Source:  Sass Rogando Sasot