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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Kris Aquino sues Jesus Falcis for cyber libel over Instagram, Twitter posts

Lawyer Jesus Falcis and Actress, TV host Kris Aquino / compiled photo from ShowBiz Chika

Manila, Philippines – Actress Kris Aquino has filed nine counts of cyber libel case against Atty. Jesus Falcis, the brother of her former business partner over the alleged Instagram and Twitter posts he made few days ago.

In the complaint filed before the Department of Justice (DOJ) on Thursday, Aquino accused Falcis of posting “offensive and humiliating” words against her through social media.

‘Nine counts of cyber libel for nine posts’

“While I am a well-known celebrity, respondent does not have the unbridled license to malign my honor and dignity by indiscriminately posting malicious statements against me,” Aquino said

Falcis allegedly had total of nine posts on social media maligning Aquino since November 14.

'Kris the liar'

In one of these posts, Falcis called Aquino a “liar" also mocked the Television host over her “urticaria-prone skin,” which was a result of the medical condition she was recently diagnosed with.

jesusfalcis Kris the liar says the credit card charges were unauthorized personal expenses of my brother. Personal expense pala ng kapatid ko ang Cathay Pacific flight mo and pag stay mo sa Marco Polo Hotel, Ms. Aquino? Pati entourage mo personal expense ng Kuya ko?

Grabe ka naman ikaw ang gusto magsama ng 10-20 people tapos gastos pala ng Kuya ko yun? Sagot pala nya si Alvin, Bincai, Jack, at iba pa??? Haha si Kuya na pala boss nila!

P.S. Sa mga feeling omniscient, 3 lang ang sponsored ng Cathay - si Kris, Josh, and Bimb - under their contract.
Mahiya ka sa balat mong urticaria prone na alam mo na meron ka even before ka nag Singapore!*

'Kay Duterte nga di ako takot'

In another post, the lawyer called the actress a “spoiled oligarch brat”:

jesusfalcis Hey Rich Girl Gone Crazy ala Gone Girl, don’t be a spoiled oligarch brat.
No SPA, no meeting? No mom, no meeting? No immediate compromise, no settlement? Ano ka hello? We weren’t born yesterday noh. Una, walang ninakaw. Ikalawa, ikaw binantaan mo buhay nya. Baka ano na namang sakit makuha mo pag kami na naglabas ng mga ALAS namin. Ikatlo, fighter kami lalo na Mom namin. If you’re going to go back to your strategy of using your PR connections to defame him, be careful what you wish for you just might get the publicity you so crave.

Remember, kay Duterte nga di ako takot eh. Ikaw pa kaya?

'Bat ikaw naging ganyan?'

Falcis also called the actress a “pa victim” and mentioned Aquino’s dead parents:

“Sa totoo lang, naaawa ako sayo. You grew up without a father figure and forced into the limelight. Kaya ayan, gusto mo lagi may lalaki sa buhay mo, center of attention ka, at hindi mo kayang iniiwan ka. Tapos lagi mo po ginagawang pa victim ang narrative mo, from Joey Marquez (kahit mali alam ng public) to my brother.”

“Mahirap maging anak ni Ninoy at Cory. Pero ok naman lumabas yung iba mong mga kapatid. Bat ikaw naging ganyan?” 

'Cannot use freedom of speech as defense'

If recalled, Aquino had filed several criminal charges against Falcis’ brother, Nicko, over the alleged unauthorized charges he made using the corporate credit card of her company, Kris C. Aquino Productions (KCAP). The cases were filed in five Metro Manila cities.

The actress stressed that Falcis cannot use freedom of speech and the press as a defense for his malicious social media posts.

“If the utterances are false, malicious or irrelevant to matters of public interest involving public figures, the same may give rise to criminal and civil liability,” the TV host said.

(Republic Act 10175 or the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 imposes penalties that are one degree higher than those provides for in existing laws for crimes committed with the aid of a computer or other similar means.)

Copy of the complaint signed by Kris Aquino via Politics

source: Politics