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Monday, November 5, 2018

Lacson hits Deported Sr. Fox: She should’ve offered prayers instead of tirades

Senator Panfilo Lacson and Sister Patricia Fox
Senator Panfilo Lacson couldn’t contain his disappointment over the behavior of deported Australian nun Patricia Fox, saying that the nun is full of bitterness and hatred.


After being deported to her native Australia last Nov. 3, Fox did not stop her tirades against the government, saying that “At present, the Philippines, the human rights abuses are just increasing and it’s a reign of terror. Of tyranny.” She also added that the culture of impunity in the country is getting worse.
Sister Patricia Fox
It can be recalled that the Australian nun, who has been staying in the country for 27 years, was denied of her plea to extend her visitor’s visa by the Bureau Of Immigration. She was found to be guilty of participating in political activities, which is a clear violation for foreigners staying in the country.

Prayers Instead Of Tirades

In a post shared by News5 on Facebook, Senator Lacson lashed out on the nun for saying that the country is under a “reign of tyranny”. He said that the nun might have uttered those remarks out of bitterness and hatred, which is contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church that she represents.

“Fox should have offered prayers for enlightenment of the concerned government officials instead of tirades and harsh criticisms towards an elected leader of a country that hospitably hosted her for so many years.” the senator remarked.

He added that Fox should have prayed for the Filipino people whom she claimed she loved dearly. And in a witty remark that seemed like a response to VP Robredo’s claim that the nun was more Filipino than most of us, Lacson said that with the recent actions of Fox, “ She cannot be more Filipino than most of us.”

Lacson seem to defend the move of the BI to deport the Australian nun because she violated the conditions of her missionary visa. According to the senator, there are laws, as well as BI and DOJ issuances that prohibits foreigners from participating in any political activity, may it be for or against the government.

He added that the visa given to foreigners is a privilege and not a right. “Once abused, worse used to violate our laws, it gives the host country the right to take back that privilege. Same is true to practically all countries in the whole world. We treat our foreign visitors as our guests, we also reserve our right to terminate or take back that hospitality accorded to them.”

Source: News5