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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Lacson to peace negotiators: 'Ignore Sison in peace negotiations, he's out of touch here'

Senator Panfilo Lacson and Joma Sison / compiled photo from Google

Manila, Philippines – Senator Panfilo Lacson on Sunday calls on government peace negotiators to just “totally ignore” Communist Party of the Philippines (CCP) founder Jose Ma. Sison and exclude him from any negotiations with the rebels.

Lacson’s statement came after Sison criticized the government’s move to enter into 29 deals with China.

'act of treason'

For Sison, the signing of the memorandum of understanding on cooperation on oil and gas development between the Philippines and China is a "clear act of treason" on the part of President Rodrigo Duterte.

"The signing and approval of the Memorandum under the direction of Duterte is a clear act of treason, a blatant betrayal of the sovereign rights and national patrimony of the Philippines and the Filipino people," Sison said in a statement issued on Saturday.

"While it is still arguable that the Memorandum is still merely an 'agreement to agree,' the Philippines and the Filipino people must effectively reject the Memorandum," the communist leader added

Sison also said that it is only proper that the Philippines and Filipino people should act to nullify the memorandum.

"Otherwise the traitor Duterte and his subalterns will commit more crimes of treason under the rule of confidentiality agreed upon in the Memorandum," he said.

"This is a confidentiality serving the traitors and thieves at the expense of the Filipino people who are kept in the dark and subjected to surprises by fait accompli," he added.

'He always contradicts'

When asked to comment on Sison’s ‘act of treason’ claim, Lacson said: “What can you expect from Joma?’*

“He always contradicts all moves of the Republic or all of those who sat in Malacañang because the only objective of the CPP-NPA-NDF (New People’s Army-National Democratic Front), is to topple and take over (the government). That’s it,” the senator said

“Kaya di pwede magkasundo, ang peace talks napaka-gloomy maski anong peace talks because parang okay, peace talks tayo pero ang iniisip naman ng kabilang panig i-take over ang kanilang kinakausap sa peace talks. Yan lang talaga ang objective nila (That’s why the peace talks are quite gloomy because the government seeks negotiation but the other side actually wants to take over the one they talk peace with. That’s their real objective),” Lacson said in a radio interview

“At isa pa, si Joma Sison walang control sa ground (And one thing more, Joma Sison has no control on the ground).” He added

'Ignore him'

Lacson, who chairs the Senate Committee on Public Order, noted that even during ceasefires, NPA rebels continue to ambush government troops and then still blamed the soldiers for it.

“Ako ang attitude huwag na lang pakinggan kasi out of touch na rin siya dito. Wala siyang control sa ground (My attitude is he should be ignored because he is out of touch here. He does not have control on the ground),” Lacson said.

The former chief of police said that Sison has his “share” from money extorted by NPAs, but he was never involved in the armed conflict.

“He stays there (Netherlands). He’s having a good life there,” Lacson added.