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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Leyte Rep. Romualdez: Yolanda survivors forever grateful to Duterte

Leyte Rep. Yedda Marie Romualdez and President Rodrigo Duterte / Composite photos from 17th Congress Neophytes and Good News Pilipinas
“I do not mean to be… God must have been somewhere else or he forgot that there is a planet called Earth” – is the brief statement captured by media entities on November 11, 2013 from the then Davao City Mayor at the airport upon his return from a short visit to Tacloban.

Duterte witnessed remained unattended on city streets, even after 4 days the super typhoon Yolanda struck the entire city.

He was the one to initiate the state of national emergency to be imposed on the provinces affected by the typhoon which then later declared by former President Noynoy Aquino.

“There has to be a state of national emergency because there is no local government functioning,” Duterte implied.

Grateful To Duterte

Although there’s still a lot of work needed for the ongoing rehabilitation of Yolanda – stricken areas, Leyte’s 1st District Representative Yedda Marie Romualdez already expressed her sincere gratitude to President Rodrigo Duterte for providing assistance to the areas badly damaged by the super typhoon, 5 years ago.
Leyte Rep. Yedda Marie Romualdez / Photo from Scoopnest.com
She also asserted that Yolanda – stricken families who now have new homes of their own have the President to thank for.

On the evening of November 10, 2013, the then Davao Mayor Duterte sent a convoy of medical teams which consisted 20 doctors, 20 nurses, and 40 relief workers to assist in the massive search and rescue operations. He also had in him, cash donations amounting to P7 Million allotted for Tacloban and Leyte.

Duterte was also the one who appealed for more help. He said that the rescue team he sent had provisions that could last for a good 3 – 4 days only.

In an interview, Romualdez said, “We thank the malasakit of all volunteers especially President Duterte who was then the Davao City mayor for coming in Yolanda-hit areas and help us.”

Romualdez is now hopeful that the International Community shall remain persistent in providing support to the Yolanda survivors amid the discovery of alleged sloppy and substandard housing projects.

“Now we have seen so much progress that has been achieved in building back our communities even better, and we have to thank the help of our Filipino and foreign friends as well as our national and local government for their continued leadership and support in the rehabilitation efforts,” she said.
President Rodrigo Duterte / Photo from philstar.com
Fast Response

In only a matter of months after swearing in as the 16th President, Duterte was able to transfer more and more families to new homes than the previous administration.

Based on records of the National Housing Authority as of July 2017, at least 8,400 families had been given new homes with only 14,400 families left from the city that needed to be relocated.       

It was both an order and a promise from the President himself that he made on November 8, 2016 in Tacloban City saying, “Dapat 'yang Yolanda, one year after, tapos na 'yan lahat.”


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