“Mawala lang ang drugs, sure ako tatahimik na tayo”, says Lolit Solis - The Daily Sentry

Monday, November 5, 2018

“Mawala lang ang drugs, sure ako tatahimik na tayo”, says Lolit Solis

Lolit Solis, photo from PEP.ph
Talent manager and showbiz personality Lolit Solis took to Twitter and told the netizens that we should be thankful despite the country’s problems because we are better off than other nations.

We Are Lucky

Solis said that comparing the country’s situation to that of other countries, we are still considered lucky. She posted a photo of immigrants  and cited the plights of immigrants escaping their country in search of a better life.

“Kung ikukumpara mo iyon bayan natin sa mga nangyayari ngayon sa ibang bansa, parang matutuwa ka pa na mas maganda ang katayuan natin kaysa sa iba,”

There are people who lost their lives trying to flee their country, but was denied entry to the country they want to immigrate to. There are also news of heightened security across the Mexican border, as many immigrants are trying to sneak in to escape the miserable life on their native land.


The outspoken talent manager also said that despite the problems being faced by the country, we have to be thankful that we have don’t need to escape our land in order to live. We are not desperate enough to flee our country because if we work hard, there are opportunities to succeed right here in our native land.

Solis noted that the problem with the Filipinos is that we complain a lot. Instead of being contented with the current situation, we often point fingers and blame people for our country’s woes. She said that it would be better if we would somehow feel grateful for having a better situation than other countries, and we should pray for more guidance.

“Ang dami pa rin natin dapat ipagpasalamat, hindi nga ganun kaganda ang ibang pangyayari, pero mas maganda pa rin ang kinalalagyan natin,” Solis noted. “Hindi nga lang makontento ang marami, kahit ano complaint pa rin ang ginagawa but when you see the sad situation of the others, then makikita mo na nasa much better situation tayo.”

Drug Menace

Lolit Solis also said that when the drug problem in the country is solved, the country would go to greater heights. She said that once the drug menace is eradicated, the country would be more peaceful.

Source: entertainment.inquirer.net