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Friday, November 9, 2018

Mindanaoan wants Pacquiao as 'ceremonial' head of state

Netizen from Mindanao named Zainal Limpao was very passionate and convicted as he proudly announced in popular social media site, Facebook, that he wants professional boxer Manny Pacquiao to succeed Rodrigo Duterte as president in the 2022 national elections.
Senator Manny Pacquiao / Photo from Sports Manila

Unite the country

According to Limpao, having the boxer as the next president only makes sense as he "unites" the country.

Limpao stated Pacquiao's achievement as a boxer. He says that the many championship titles he has won is an indication that the senator works hard in order to bring pride and glory to the Philippine flag. 

He also mentions how the country is divided with many varying opinions and perspectives and that whenever Pacquaio has a boxing match, the people "unite".
 Zainal Limpao / Photo from his Facebook account

Although Limpao acknowledges that there are other more qualified people to become the president of the Philippines, he says that the "unifying" factor Pacquaio brings is enough.

Federal government

He adds that he imagines Pacquiao as president in a Federal form of government. He says that he hopes by 2022, the country will already adapt this form of government and be like countries like Malaysia, Germany, Belguim, Canada, and others.

Limpao is pro federalism as he believes that it will generate more jobs for the Filipino and allow our economy to develop.

He says that with this form of government, the president will not have a serious or heavy role. His primary role will simply be to unite the nation and he feels that Pacquiao fits that description. "a few nominal and perhaps ceremonial powers", Limpao says.

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8-Division world boxing champion peso-billionaire former playboy now philanthropist senator Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao is my next president!
Senator Manny Pacquiao / Photo from Cosmo

Pacquiao for the last 20 years has brought pride and glory to our flag and country in numerous world stages in boxing and even achieved a feat no boxer in history has ever done, winning 11 titles in 8 different divisions. In all those title bouts, and the bouts in between, the entire nation was behind him, gloriously cheering for the fighting pride of General Santos, Sarangani and the Republic. A nation full of contrasting opinions, perspectives, and politics become ONE the moment Pacman steps inside the ring. 

The hope that he carried on since the time of his impoverished years to being one of the GOATs in boxing has always been the unifying symbol for the Philippines. He is Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao, my president come 2022 Insha-Allah.

Oops, you might be wondering "WHY MANNY?" Of all eloquent and highly qualified people to become our country's next head of state, why him??? Oh c'mon!!!
Senator Manny Pacquiao / Photo from SWX


I am hopeful that come 2022, all the right constitutional reforms we, in CoRRECT Movement, are mustering will finally be in place. A new constitution for the Federal Parliamentary Republic of the Philippines with more open market economy is already in full swing by then, comparable to the likes of Malaysia, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Australia, India, Ethiopia, and to some extent Switzerland, UK and Spain. A new constitution that will put the general welfare of every Filipino first among others. A new political system that is way more advanced than presidential system in rendering government service and fighting corruption. A new mode of government that empowers every region. A new economic system that will generate global jobs and livelihood within our country.

In that basic law/charter, the head of state, which is the President, will have few nominal or perhaps ceremonial powers whose primary mandate is to unify the nation, a duty that best fits Emmanuel Pacquiao. He will be expected to work alongside a highly capable head of government, the Prime Minister, and the different cabinet ministers carefully chosen amongst the duly elected members of the parliament.

Manny Pacquiao, the “ceremonial” head of state of the Philippines, the new Federal Parliamentary Republic of Southeast Asia, makes sense to me.”