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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Netizen Throws Rude Comment on Sara Duterte’s IG Post, And This Is How The Mayor Respond

Davao Mayor Inday Sara Duterte, photo from
Being tough and having a strong personality seems to be existing in every Duterte. President Rodrigo Duterte, known for being straight forward probably have passed the trait to presidential daughter and Davao Mayor Inday Sara Duterte. As tough as her father, Inday Sara is loved by most Davaoenos. When Rodrigo who is then Davao City Mayor became known and admired for roaming around the city disguised as a taxi driver to keep peace in Davao, Inday had her different way of strolling around the town. Sara and her team patrols the whole city through motorcycles, risky than a taxi cab.

Irate netizen

Sara posted a picture on Instagram reiterating how her group’s photographer captures their motorcycle pictures,

“Sa lahat ng nagtataka kung paano kami kumukuha ng motorcycle pics para sa IG... ganito ang buwis-buhay ng photog para lang ma-in sa social media.”

A fuming netizen with username @pgrusiana commented on the post,

“With due respect mayor ng Davao, mahilig ka rin lang naman ng motor at mas may time ka pa dyan kaysa tugunan ang problema ng nasasakupan mo, bakit di mo subukan mag-motor ng gabi dyan sa Toril, Davao city..” 

The inflamed IG user brought the concern instructing the mayor to drive in Toril, Davao all the way to Digos. He then continued,

“P*t@ng iN@ ang dilim dilim ng daan dyan walang street light kamuntik na ako makabangga ng tricycle dyan the other week...” 

He then questioned and bragged,

“Ano po ba iyan, indi na pede mabigyan ng urgent implementation ng LGU ng Davao City at Digos city?”

Sara’s reply 

Sara not just burned but slayed the netizen by replying back,

“P*t@ng in@ din noh akala mo ba namamasyal kami sa motor?” 

The tough Davao City mayor explained that she and her team often roam around the barangays which needed assistance, adding salt to the wound,

“... with all due respect din sa pagkajudgemental mo. At hindi ako mayor ng Davao Del Sur para pakelaman ko ang streetlights nila.” 

Happily boasted how beautiful her city, Sara then says,

“Sa Davao city merong streetlights dahil P*t@ng in@ anlaki ng binabayad namin to light up the world.” 

Second degree burn 

The story did not stop from there and Inday Sara posted another reply that will surely gave the rude netizen with chills in spine,

“Sana nga mabangga ka, at ng mawalan ng isang bastos ang mundo, with all due respect.”

Here are the screenshots from IG:

Source: Ayer Kristianne