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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Netizens defend Duterte’s alleged breach of protocol during China visit

President Xi Jinping of China’s visit to the Philippines has caused drama and issues all throughout the country from different kind of people.
President Rodrigo Duterte and China's President Xi Jinping / Photo from 

Recently, the visit has also caused a stir when there was an alleged flag protocol breached.

Many people have commented on the issue, saying that it was a blatant disrespect towards the Philippines and its people.

It was PNoy who breached protocol

In a Facebook post, a netizen listed how former President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III breach protocol when he was in position.

Netizen Maureen Rose Mejia-Villar showed outright support to the president by listing down some of the protocol breached that PNoy did himself.
Maureen Rose Mejia-Villar / Photo from her Facebook account

Some people seem to think that Aquino and Duterte are in direct rivals of each other, thus perhaps the choice to compare Duterte to Aquino.

According to Mejia-Villar, Aquino breached a lot of protocol during his time, one of which is she says Aquino did not face the Chinese Consul during the morning of the Manila hostage crisis.

It can be remembered that during that time, a tour bus containing Chinese nationals were taken hostage resulting in many de*ths.

Another example that Mejia-Villar gave was the backdoor meetings that Aquino ordered Senator Antonio Trillanes IV to have with China in order to talk about the widely disputed Spratlys islands. She claims that this was the reason why the Philippines “lost” Spratlys islands to the military of China.

More examples given are the meeting Aquino had with the MILF in Japan without the knowledge of the Japanese government, and the widely criticized incident of the SAF44 where soldiers and civilians d*ed simply because the chain of command in the military, with Aquino being in the highest position was breached and confused.

Ending her post, Mejia-Villar says that all of the examples she gave were clear of protocol not being followed, but more than that she says that this shows how former President Aquino does not have empathy.
Former President Noynoy Aquino III / Photo from Exposure

Read her full post here:

“BREACH OF PROTOCOLS na naman ang ipinipilit gawing issue NG mga hindi pinalaki NG maayos ng kanilang mga magulang Kung paano umasal ng maayos kung may bisita.

Dahil sa "flag" issue ngayon...ito naman ang Mga ibabato kong Mga breach of protocols nung President pa si Ultimate Yellow Slacker ninyo! Tekaaa...

Kung presidential protocols lang ang pag-uusapan, daming violations nung si Noynoy pa presidente eh!

Yung hindi pag harap ni Noynoy Sa Chinese Consul that morning of the Manila hostage crisis, break of protocol yun!

Yung pag punta ni Noynoy Sa Japan para makipag "incognito" meeting kay Murad of the MILF Sa isang airport hotel dun without the PH telling the Japanese government beforehand of their visit and meeting on Japanese turf! Nagkabuang ang mga Hapon nun! Eh, Kung may mangyari nga naman Kay Noynoy dun Na Hindi nila alam, patay diplomatic ties natin dun!

Yung WPS issue lang...madami Na violation nung ginamit at nagpagamit si Trillanes Sa 16 backdoor nego trips nya to "talk" with the Chinese. And then we lost the Spratlys.

Yung SAF44 Maguindanao M*ssacre, protocol violation din yun! Kasi ang ginawang head ops ni Noynoy nun pala ay yung si BFF nyang suspended PNP Chief Alan Purisima. Bawal din yun! And they blamed Napeñas for following their orders! And THAT particular protocol breach cost lives! Mas masaklap yun!

Pero yung Hindi pagsalubong ni Noynoy Sa Mga labi nung SAF44 sa Villamor Airbase kasi Mas inuna pa nya mag ribbon-cutting NG isang car manufacturing plant, Hindi protocol breach. WALANG empathy si Noynoy. Ni Hindi NGA Nya alam anong meaning nung word!"