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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Pageant sponsor Amado Cruz, ‘too old,’ ‘weak’ to harass women, staff says amid accusations

Miss Earth-Canada, Guam, England and Cuba with sponsor Amado Cruz / compiled photo from Google

Manila, Philippines – An employee of the accused sponsor who allegedly harassed Miss Earth 2018 candidates has defended her boss from the allegations of misconduct.

In an interview, Jhana Bueno, a staff member of the pageant sponsor Amado S. Cruz said her boss is not capable of doing such bad behavior.

An employee's testimony

“Hindi magagawa ng amo ko yan, e,” Bueno was quoted saying in an interview with GMA News TV’s "State of the Nation".

"Alam mo kung bakit? Si sir ay napakatanda na at mahina na rin, una sa lahat,” she added

Bueno also pointed out that her boss has been sponsoring the pageant for a long time and had not experienced or encountered any complaints such as disrespecting women.

“Kung nagawa man niya yun sana noon pa nung nagsimulang magkaroon ng Miss Earth dito,” she added.

It can be recalled that representatives of Canada, England and Guam all took to Instagram to reveal their experiences with the one of the sponsors of Miss Earth beauty pageant who allegedly asked for sexual favors in return of winning the crown.

No Malice

After the Instagram posts from the complainants, photos of Cruz started circulating online, netizens also criticized him for what he allegedly did to the pageant contenders, which was held and organized in the Philippines.

Earlier, in a report aired on TV Patrol last November 9, Cruz already denied the allegations against him.

He said that he does not understand why the candidates put malice in what he did.

Forever banned

Cruz also thanked Miss Earth Cuba Monica Aguilar for defending him – testifying against the claims of her former co-candidates saying there was no misconduct happened during the events.*

“I have read the 'testimonies' of several candidates complaining about supposed sexual harassment. I can confirm there was no sexual harassment happening in any shape of form,” Aguilar said on her Instagram post.

Further, the sponsor also said that he is now seeking legal actions regarding the issue.

Miss Earth organizers, for their part, reportedly banned Cruz permanently in the pageant following the complaints from three of their 2018 candidates.

One of the photos of Amado Cruz with Miss Earth candidates Canada and England / photo from Facebook

The Instagram post of Miss Earth Cuba Monica Aguilar defending the sponsor 

Source: Philstar