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People Saddened Over Resignation Of Sec. Jess Dureza, A Man Who Moved Heaven And Earth For Peace

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Amid president Duterte’s termination of the two high ranking officials of the OPAPP or Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process for corruption, presidential peace advisor Jesus Dureza took full responsibility and tendered his resignation, which the president sadly accepted.

A Man Of Principles

In a noble display of Command Responsibility and delicadeza, Jesus Dureza deemed it wise to resign as the presidential peace advisor. After Duterte terminated his subordinates OPAPP Undersecretary Ronald Flores and Assistant Secretary Yesther Donn Baccay for corruption, Dureza felt he failed the president.

He announced that "I am sad because despite my efforts to be compliant with your strong advocacy against corruption, I failed... I truly am sad that OPAPP, as an institution which I head, had to suffer publicly due to the acts of a few."

A Great Loss

Jounalist Jun Ledesma, in a post he shared on Facebook, bared how Dureza moved heaven and earth for peace. He’s regretful on Duterte’s decision to accept Dureza’s resignation simply because he was witness to the dedication of Dureza in his quest for peace.

Jun Ledesma, photo from Facebook
Ledesma stated that Jess Dureza risked his life and limbs just to negotiate and rescue victims of kidnappings, he has travelled to different places around the world just to negotiate peace. This is despite the fact that his wife Beth, is in constant delicate heath condition. There were many instances that he has chosen his work over his wife, just for the sake of peace.

Peace In Mindanao

Journalist Jun Ledesma added that the peace that we are now experiencing in Mindanao, can be attributed to Dureza’s tireless effort to negotiate with the MILF and the MNLF leadership. He displayed patience and determination that we can only dream of.

Silver Lining

While Dureza’s resignation may be ill-timed and detrimental to the country’s peace process, netizens believe that Jess Dureza has done enough for the country, he has done service to the government and maybe it’s high time for him to focus his time to his ailing wife, who needs him as much.

Read full post of Mindanaoan Journalist Jun Ledesma below:

Jun Ledesma

Jess Dureza’s quest 

for peace

Sec. Jesus Dureza has liberated himself from the iniquitous iniquity of the bureaucracy. He was to deliver the axe himself on the two ranking officials that oversee the PAMANA projects of the Officec of the Presidential Assistant for Peace Process. He was just validating the pieces of information and evidence against the two officials namely Usec Ronald Flores and Asst. Sec. Yesther Donn Baccay and had informed Pres. Rodrigo Duterte about it. Unfortunately, Secretary Dureza has to fly to New York to represent the country in a function in the United Nations. Hardly had he unpacked his suitcase when he got back President Duterte beat him on the draw and anounced the termination of the two officials.

That placed Secretary Jess in a fix and he did the right thing by submitting his resignation to the President, and in equal fashion as Duterte did in announcing the termination of the two, posted his letter resignation on Facebook stressing in bold letters his “taking full responsibility for corruption at OPAPP”.

In accepting the resignaion of Dureza, it is not only Duterte but the country that had lost a confidant and an asset. Jess had placed his life in countless times to negotiate and rescue victims of kidnapping, victims used as shields of ruthless criminals, persuading the Ampatuans to yield and face trial for the gruesome murder of journalists and kin of their political rivals. Jess wife, Beth, had been in constant delicate health condition and in many instances when she was in intensive care, Jess had to rush to do important task because nobody else would. When she wakes up she would first pray for the safety of Jess and then later her own thanksgiving.

If there is peace in Mindanao today, I would give full merit to Secretary Dureza for his unrelenting efforts to bring the MILF leaders and the MNLF likewise to a negotiating table. Jess has an inexhaustible wellspring of patience and along with it a natural persuasiveness and endurance.

And how often would he fly to the Netherlands to negotiate peace with Jose Ma. Sison the Chieftain of the New Peoples Army? How many times would he travel thousands of miles to do back-channel chores to bring this master of double-talk Joma back to the negotiating table? If you think winter in Oslo and the Hague is a thrill and air travel is smooth in economy class then try it a dozen times and find the meaning of exhaustion and tension. But Jess Dureza has a dogged determination so wanting in ordinary mortals.

Just because his two subalterns dipped their fingers in the cookie jar and therefore have to be jettisoned is reason enough to let go of Sec. Jesus Dureza? Mr. President you gave the man multi-tasks. If the shady bid in the search for the 3rd Telco passed under your nose and still the artist and architect/s celebrate like they own tomorrow, then why not lend an ear to Jess? You have both agreed to sack the corrupt then why should it culminate to Jess relinquishing the delicate and complex art of peace negotiation to ...yet another military man?

Oh well maybe, when talk fails in peace negotiation the next option is an all out war. The President had delivered that message in no uncertain terms, sending troops and attack helicopters where terrorists make troubles. Then maybe it is time for the peacemaker to step aside. Meanwhile, while we grovel over this there is one happy lady who had kept her silence over the travails of Jess. She is the ever patient patient Beth, the living martyr in Secretary Dureza’s long and dangerous quest for peace.


Source: Serafin Ledesma Jr