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Friday, November 23, 2018

Philippines X China Relationship Matrix And The Implications It Brings

Chinese President Xi Jinping and President Rodrigo Duterte, photo from Manila Bulletin
In the recent events which involves the Philippines and China, there came a lot of speculations and wrong guesses as to what the leaders of both countries plan and what is in store for the people in each.


To provide more clarity to the issue, Duterte supporter and social media personality Sass Rogando Sasot posted a very clear and graphic explanation in the easiest possible way so people can understand what to expect.

Sass Rogando Sasot, photo from Manila Bulletin
In her post, she included a matrix in which she explain that what is happening presently has four possible outcome.


For the first condition, both the Philippines and China will treat each other as friends. For the second condition, China will want to befriend the Philippines but the latter won’t agree. The third condition is vice versa, the Philippines will want to treat China as their friend but China will not agree.

The fourth condition is the worse, both countries will treat each other as enemies.


Along with the conditions, she also explained the implications to be expected to come.

According to her matrix, if the first condition comes true and the two countries become friends, then they will COOPERATE with each other to resolve their differences. The two countries will be in a position where their decisions will be beneficial with each other.

In the 4th condition, this is the one that will result to an all out war. If the two countries seek to destroy each other, then there will be casualties and wars.

For both the second and third condition, she said that these will be a very difficult position for both countries. Cooperation will be possible but might be difficult. All actions of the countries will not seek for what is beneficial for the two countries, but only for each of them. But these two can both result to either 1 or 4.

She ended it with saying that Duterte supporters want condition 1. How about you?

Read full post below:


Apat na posibilidad.

CONDITION 1. Ang China at Pilipinas will treat each other as friends.

CONDITION 2. Ang China gustong kaibiganin ang PH, pero ang Pilipinas gustong ituring na kaaway ang China.

CONDITION 3. Ang PH gustong kaibiganin ang CN, pero ang China gustong ituring na kaaway ang Pilipinas.

CONDITION 4. Ang China at Pilipinas treat each other as enemies.

Ano ang implications ng apat na posibilidad na ito sa 

hidwaan ng China at Pilipinas?

Condition 1 - Ang hidwaan will be resolved 

by two folks who view each other as FRIENDS. They will COOPERATE together to resolve their differences. They will be in a position to seek a mutually beneficial solution to their problem.

Condition 4 - Ang hidwaan will be resolved by two folks who view each other as ENEMIES. They will not cooperate. They will not seek a mutually beneficial solution. They will seek to destroy each other. Sa international relations, ito ang condition that will lead to WAR.

Condition 2 and 3 - Cooperation will be difficult. Hindi pareho ang tingin nila sa isa't isa. Either mag-transform ang kanilang pananaw sa isa't isa at mapunta ang kanilang relasyon sa Condition 1. OR lumala ito at mapunta sa Condition 4.

Ang Duterte administration gusto sa Condition 1. Eh kayong dilaw?

Source: For the Motherland - Sass Rogando Sasot