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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Pinoy-at-heart British national enumerates top 5 reasons why the world needs Filipinos

Filipino-at-heart British national Malcolm Conlan / photo from Facebook

Manila, Philippines - British national and self-proclaimed Filipino-at-heart Malcolm Conlan, in a Facebook post gave top five reasons why he believes that the world needs Filipinos.
Conlan, a proud supporter of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, is widely known among the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) especially in the United Kingdom (UK).

In the said post, Conlan highlighted the known traits of the Pinoys such as being hard working individuals and resourceful.
He also said that Filipinos are one of the most caring races on the planet and that we are excellent in handling customer service roles.

Read Conlan’s full post below:

By Malcolm Conlan
1. Filipinos are one of the most caring races on the planet.
This has come about through many generations. This is mainly down to many Asian cultures being very family orientated. One of the other reasons I think is sadly due to lack of financial resources, as a result many families back home in the Philippines, would live together in the same family home. There are also no nursing or care homes, at least not so many.
This has meant that when a relative becomes old or sick, the family look after them at home. So young people end up caring for elderly relatives, this gives them an insight into caring for others and many therefore go into the caring position with a great deal of practical experience and knowledge.
2. Filipinos are hard working.
I have always known Filipinos to often work very hard to achieve their goals. You only have to speak to them, to hear stories of working two or three jobs just to achieve their goals. They also seem to have enormous strength and devotion to duty.
3. Filipinos are very resourceful.
You only have to take a holiday in the Philippines to see how Filipinos are always finding jobs to do, be it parking cars for a few pesos, collecting goods for recycling, selling various goods on the sidewalk or even selling ice cubes or various snacks for students outside schools during school days. Filipinos will turn their hands to anything just to improve their lives.
4. Filipinos are always smiling.
I believe Filipinos are some of the most happy and cheerful people on the planet. Even in times of adversity, you will always see Filipinos being positive and trying to make the best of their situation.
You only have to look at times in history where the Philippines had suffered typhoons and natural disasters, you will see photos in the newspapers of Filipinos just getting on with whatever situation that nature has thrown at them in a positive manner.
5. Filipinos are excellent in customer facing roles.
You only have to look at some of the best hotels in the world to see Filipinos at work. All around the Middle East and worldwide, there are countless thousands of Filipinos working in hotel restaurants, receptions, bars, management, also working as butlers, caretakers, drivers, entertainers and so many other customer facing roles. Whatever role they take on, they always bring joy and cheer to any workplace.
In conclusion, there are some eleven million Overseas Filipino Workers around the globe in every profession you can imagine, all act as a shining beacon for all the best qualities of the Filipino people.
Maraming Salamat po dear friends for all you do for us. Mabuhay!