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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Pinoys’ Lack Of Discipline: Our Stumbling Block To Progress

Pinoys’ Lack Of Discipline: Our Stumbling Block To Progress
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From self entitlement to utter disrespect of the law, we Filipinos seem to be very good at lacking discipline. A blogger shared his sentiment on why the Pinoys hate discipline so much. Is it a matter of “Pinoy Pride”? Or are we simply too selfish to change?


In an article written in the site Get Real Philippines, the writer shared his experiences with  fellow Filipinos displaying their lack of discipline. From the girl who namedrops her politician friends just to avoid the lines, to the family who displayed utter disregard for cleanliness in a public place, to the father who teaches her son to urinate in public, we are all guilty of lacking discipline at one point in our lives.

The Irony 

It is quite ironic that we Filipinos have been clamoring for “change” and “discipline” among our top leaders yet we ourselves couldn’t even attempt to change ourselves. The blogger said that the main reason that Filipinos are stuck in a state of mediocrity is the fact that we “talk peace and have a gun”. We clamor for change but when the change requires us to give up our enjoyable destructive habits, we cry foul.

Pinoy Pride

Another roadblock to our progress is our hollow arrogance that is more popularly known as Pinoy Pride. The feeling of self entitlement and the need to brag even if we have very little or nothing to brag about. The stubbornness to change simply because we enjoy our deviant behavior. The superior feeling that we deserve special treatment, and that the laws are good only if we’re not affected by it.

Walk The Talk

Finally, the blogger reminded us that regardless of who wins in the coming elections, our nation would remain stagnant if we wouldn’t change ourselves. If we are all too stubborn to shun discipline, then our nation will never escape the cycle of self destruction that we are all in. Change has to start from the common people. More importantly, it has to start from the man in the mirror - you.