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Monday, November 5, 2018

PMA graduate slams Leni for defending Sr Fox: “Right! Fox is more Filipino than her”

Dan Jimenez, VP Leni Robredo and Sister Patricia Fox
The Australian missionary, Sister Patricia Fox is now permanently settled down to her homeland after allegations of joining anti-government rallies. The Aussie nun is known as a Duterte critic, describing the way of governing of the president as “reign of terror.” 

Sister Fox left the country for good

Just like what the opposition and Liberal Party believes on, Fox expressed disagreement on the drug war that is currently happening in the country. For her, such act is an abuse to the human rights. Having the second highest position in the government, Vice-President Leni Robredo let out her grief on Fox’ being kicked out of the country.

More Filipino than many of us 

Dan Jimenez, a Philippine Military Academy graduate and an ex-military personnel launched his resentment to Robredo’s statement,
Dan Jimenez, photo from his FB
“Sister Fox is more Filipino than many of us.” 

Jimenez painstakingly gives a more accurate rebut to VP Leni following the latter ’s statement. Taking the other way around, Jimenez believes that Robredo is actually pointing out herself through her words. After all the shaming she has done for the country right in front of the international media, delivering lies. Added to that, her acts of undermining the government projects and washing away the faith to the government she actually belongs to. Her, now being the critic not of the president alone but the whole government which people have seen through her great efforts to belie the administration in every talk with media people.

Not only that is elaborated by Dan but the incompetence and cluelessness of Leni to everything despite holding the VP position. And by that, the PMA graduate believes that the Australian nun, Fox is more Filipino than Robredo alone.


Patricia Fox was ordered for deportation way back July when the news broke out that the nun is joining rallies against the government. She left the country last Saturday and was welcomed by a crowd of friends in the Melbourne Airport. The nun is happy to be back in her motherland but at the same time saddened by the fact that she no longer allowed to go back to the Philippines until Duterte’s reign.

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Robredo: Sister Fox 'more Filipino than many of us'

Wow! Is she talking about herself? Her shaming of the country through lies and insinuations in the world stage? Her supposed scavenging of dorm furniture in the US for her daughter? Her undermining almost all of the government’s programs just because she is against the President? Her incompetence, uselessness and cluelessness even if she holds the second highest position of the land?

She may be right. No correct that. She is absolutely right. Fox is more Filipino than her!

Source: Dan Jimenez